TEDxStHelier 2015 (Sponsored by DJ)

9 Speakers

TEDxStHelier 2015 (Sponsored by DJ)

Digital Jersey is delighted to be sponsoring TEDxStHelier for the second year running. Alongside, 9 remarkable speakers on 6 June, TEDxStHelier will also be involved in the Jersey Junior Hackathon and the BCS Tech Fair and Ideas Lab for Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED)

An opportunity for students to get involved in TED Talks and a TEDx Event in Jersey

TEDxStHelier is going to be about technology, entertainment and design, as all TED Talks are, but our focus will be on knowledge and wisdom and building a better future. The aim is to host TEDxStHelier at Hautlieu School and offer all students from any school (or any age) to help shape the event.

TEDx Tech Fair and Ideas Lab

As well as the TEDx talks we’d like to also run a schools activity / tech-fair to give students the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers and perhaps participate in some of the “idea labs” and community discussions.

Some of the tech-fair ideas include….

  • Oculus of course
  • Drones
  • 3D printing
  • 3D mapping/cool visuals
  • Ultra high def TVs with games to play

We also hope to get the TEDxStHelier speakers to set challenges for the students to think about before TEDxStHelier.

British Computer Society to Sponsor Jersey Junior Hackathon

Primary school children as young as 7 years old will also be descending on Hautlieu School to compete in a programming competition, sponsored by The British Computer Society (Jersey). Children will be set the challenge to have no more than 3 hours to design and program a workable computer game using Microsoft’s Kodu programming tool.


Tickets on sale soon. watch this space!



Please use social media to get in contact, share ideas, ask questions:


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Tim HJ Rogers
Curator TEDxStHelier
Email: Tim@TEDxStHelier
Mob: 07797762051

6 June 2015
Hautlieu School, Wellington Road, St. Saviour JE2 7TH, Jersey