Transform - Jersey Visit (DJ HOST)

Directors, Ian Pocock and Dave Wood

Transform - Jersey Visit (DJ HOST)

Transform are leaders in customer-centred change. Director, Ian Pocock will be in the Hub on Tuesday 14 July from 6pm to do a short "show and tell” about Government As A Platform (GAAP).

About Transform

Transform are leaders in customer-centred change. We combine service design and deep technical knowledge to address challenging issues such as:

  • Digital healthcare services
  • Immigration & border controls 
  • Passport services 
  • Smoking cessation
  • Behaviour change in public health
  • Managing citizens wishes around mental incapacity

As the authors of the 'Martha Lane-Fox Report’, we helped create the 'Digital by Default’ agenda for the UK Government, leading to the creation of the Government Digital Service, Gov.UK, and the current approach to digital in the public sector.

Since then, our expertise in user-centred design, software engineering and Agile delivery, we're at the forefront of delivering digital public services,  


Government as a Platform

Government as a Platform (GaaP) is a new vision for digital public services: It seeks to remove the silos that create duplication, deliver better experiences for users and substantial savings.

It is not a single solution to meet all needs or government’s own "Platform as a Service”.  GaaP describes a platform of services, products, tools and components, designed to meet specific needs but delivered through open standards, technologies and approaches, so they can be shared and utilised across government.

After building the first UK Government Exemplar Project, the Lasting Power of Attorney, Transform has now designed and launched the first services that start to make the GaaP vision a reality.



Government As A Platform (GAAP) is a big agenda in London and something they have taken a big step towards with one of their projects.  Come along to the hub on Tuesday 14 July from 6pm to listen to Directors, Ian Pocock and Dave Wood to talk about GAAP and how it could also be something that would have considerable potential in Jersey.


14 July 2015
6pm - 8pm
Digital Jersey Hub, Grenville Street, St Helier, JE2 4UF