Vizuality Launch - Architecture, Corporate and Business Session

Vizuality Studio

Vizuality is pleased to be introducing the first commercial virtual reality motion studio.

Since the purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook for US$2 billion last year and the annoucements by Sony and HTC that they are designing their own Virtual Reality Heaset, the technology community has renewed their interest with Virtual Reality.

However, at Vizuality we have been working hard in the last 12 month to push the virtual reality boundaries even further by combining virtual Reality with motion tracking meaning that we can now offer the ability to physically walk around a virtual world.

This not only provides an incredibly immersive Virtual Reality experience but also a platform that can be used for continued growth in many different industries. 

  • Discover how the Vizuality Motion Platform provides architects and clients the ability to intuitively, walk around the designs and interact with the environments that are not yet built!
  • Discover how you can engage in entertaining content for team building, corporate or business simulations, specific training.
  • Discover how you can now sit at the wheel of the most accurate Formula 1 simulation and feel the speed, the vibrations and get a real sense of racing.

About Vizuality

Vizuality is creating the first multiplex Virtual Reality Studio that combine the latest Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies and offer it as a service to the public and businesses.

We are offering various platforms that are suitable for professional architects, education and therapy as well as gaming platform that takes gaming to a brand new level of immersion.

Vizuality is pushing back the boundaries of interactive Virtual Reality by launching way ahead of any commercial Virtual Reality headset releases a full motion studio that allows the users to freely move around their virtual space using our motion capture studio combined with our untethered virtual headset.

This is perfectly suited for architectural designs, educational representations of past events and locations as well as entertainment applications.

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Vizuality Launch - Architecture, Corporate and Business Session

26 June 2015
13:00 - 15:00
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel

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