CPD Skills Module 1: How to survive & Thrive In Your Workplace

The Resilience Development Company

CPD Skills Module 1: How to survive & Thrive In Your Workplace

Module 1: Stress Less & Perform More This punchy 90 minute module is CPD accredited.

In today’s working world you’re expected to do more with less, and successfully survive the bumpy road called career progression. Navigating through the pitfalls of a lousy boss, difficult co-workers and increasing demands and uncertainty has become a major source of stress at work.


At The Resilience Development Company, we help people thrive and change their job situation for the better. We know your time and energy is precious, which is why we specialise in helping you develop practical skills, which will increase your capacity to deal with stress, change and uncertainty, and tricky relationships. You’ll even learn how to find your strengths and use them to solve problems, whilst setting meaningful goals you may actually achieve.


You’ll learn:


  • Why stress is not inevitable


  • You’ll learn how to spot the STRESS triggers guaranteed to push your buttons


  • How to minimise and manage stress both at work and in your daily life


WARNING: Our workshops are reported to be interactive, highly effective and thought provoking.


9 September 2014
Digital Jersey Hub

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