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Chief Product Officer / Head of Digital Product

I help international businesses achieve high revenue and profit growth, by selecting and delivering exceptional market-leading digital/internet products and services.

In one business I created a £16m business line and another went from £12m to £80m

I create innovations that lead to revenue, in 6 months launched 5 revenue generating products (Millions$).

I have been on the scaling journey , in one business growing the product team from 2 to 23


Name: Alan Arnfeld



Senior Director of Product Management & Customer Success








● Responsible 8 products plus 5 new startups targeting 20MUSD each over 5years e.g remote exhibitor communication reached 1MUSD within 2 months of sales starting ● Lead around 800 people through a global digital transformation ● Worked with Finance on Sales reporting of new products and Global Chart of Accounts ● Data driven A/B test & customer insight based Agile SAS start-up programme applying machine learning/ artificial intelligence to connect 7 million exhibition visitors with 130,000 exhibitors(suppliers) through a subscription model, across 21 international business units working with their CEOs and leadership teams. B2B & B2C. Microservice, API environment ● Own financial, leading and lagging indicators to drive revenue and product performance ● Improvements to Customer Acquisition and subscription to services, API transfer to Salesforce, usage of Salesforce CRM data in Oracle Audience Builder to apply to inhouse developed matchmaking technology services. ● Built global Customer Success Team with hubs in Americas, Europe, Asia

Director Product Management








● Subscription model to SaaS services with annual recurring renewals ● Common platform development ownership and integration with client platforms ● Platform delivered services to Buyer and supplier organisations in a community marketplace and CRM bespoke services for 300 operational staff ● Supplier management, master data, compliance & risk, Financial assessment ● Revenue increased on my watch from £12M – £80M+ with increasing % EBITDA ● Led product roadmap through direct management of 8 agile teams – Product Management, Content & Information Architecture, Training Delivery(on-line/premise), User experience research, design & acceptance testing. Team size peaking at 23 direct and 15 indirect based across UK, Argentina & India working across up to 200 engineers ● Portfolio sales book – pricing and product sales combinations – sales team bible

Education Qualifications

● 1994 MSc in Information Systems (with Distinction), University of Portsmouth ● 1991 BSc (2:1) in Applied Psychology and Sociology, University of Surrey ● 2014 Strategic Product Marketing (Chartered Institute of Marketing) ● Certified Product & Product Marketing Manager AIPMM ● Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist, IEHF ● Chartered Psychologist AFBPsS British Psychological Society