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Cyber Security & Forensics Engineer / Data Scientist

An engineer with broad technical background in many disciplines and a speciality in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. I have founded and independently funded the startup of two businesses where I contributed expertise in computer science and engineering to solve a variety of complex problems. My work has ranged from applications of game theory, analysing ransomware, creating and programming 3D models, and quantitative financial trading using Python.

I particularly enjoy the mental challenge of problem solving. My comprehensive range of technical knowledge allows me to communicate with domain specialists to understand their projects and progress, identify how best to assist them, and relay this information in a non-technical way such that it can be more easily understood.


Name: Lewis Lyons



Director – Research & Development


Lyons Technology Ltd






I am one of the founders of Lyons Technology, which was incorporated in July 2019 and has had work in progress since 2015. The product we have developed is called the TransMuter. It is a new technology which resolves fundamental problems with amplifier distortion pedals and power attenuators. More information about the product itself can be found on our website (, and the product brief can be found here ( In 2019 we partnered with the Royal Bank of Scotland Accelerator program to bring our prototype to market. During the process I have gained invaluable insight into common business practices and worked with a variety of startups. The winding up of this project through completion of the Research & Development phase will conclude my responsibilities to the company which will be taken over by my business partner. Product Development • Acting in concert with my partner and other colleagues I have taken the product from conception to fully realised prototype. The project had the ambitious goal to create a an exceptionally more effective and economical solution to a problem which has existed for over 70 years. We have succeeded in producing a prototype which is exceedingly more effective and cheaper to produce than competing solutions. My role during product development is varied and has involved: ✦ Inception of novel designs; conceived of, and then invented, a novel use of electronics to make product development possible. ✦ Conceiving overall project goals and economies; designed and executed project research and development objectives with successful results, producing a product with ROI of >400% per unit, and completing the project significantly below budget. ✦ Modelling to derive theoretical values for use in experimentation; used Mathcad to create mathematical models of systems, eliminating the need for much empirical testing. ✦ Designing, coding, simulating, and executing experiments; created physical experiments to test theoretical designs. ✦ Collecting and processing results through data visualisation and analytics; used Python libraries such as Matplotlib and Altair to format and interpret results. ✦ Researching and sourcing of components; responsible for calculating all component specifications and working with vendors for procurement. ✦ Designing of efficient manufacturing processes; created a set of modular manufacturing processes to go from prototyping to mass production. Business • The other portion of my work is ensuring the viability of the enterprise from a business standpoint. The spectrum of work that I undertake in this domain is broad in nature, but in general can be categorised as follows: ✦ ensuring the products’ competitive and economic viability throughout development. ✦ managing development time scales. ✦ understanding patent and licensing law with respect to non-violation and product protection. ✦ securing funding and pitching to investors. ✦ consulting with subject matter experts. ✦ creating product guidance, documentation, and marketing materials.



WOW Phones Ltd






In 2016 I contributed investment and expertise to help found WOW Phones. Originally the business performed mobile device refurbishments which turned around broken phones from online marketplaces by finding profitable deals using web scraping. I worked to add new revenue streams by assisting in developing a web application to allow responsive 3D user customization of their preferred phone, and functionality to allow users to sell and trade in unwanted devices. I also provided advice to the company director regarding economic viability of stock and part sourcing, as well as employee management.

Education Qualifications

Glasgow Caledonian University: 2020, BEng Digital Security, Forensics, & Ethical Hacking: First Class Honours University of Edinburgh: 2014, Mechanical Engineering Cyber Essentials Certified