I want to continue my pursuit of a career in information technology and associated services

I moved to Jersey in 2013 due to the poor economic climate in Spain hoping to seek a new life, having gained relevant experience over the years. I am a mature and responsible individual who will work hard to ensure I am quickly regarded as a valued, trusted and productive member of any team. I always bring positive energy to my work and I am always ready for the challenges that each new day brings.


Name: Antonio Molina Montes

Email: [email protected]


IT Technician


Logistic Data Process S.A






Provided computer, software and network support to clients.

IT Technician


Laken S.A






● Created and maintained the company website
● Moved existing information on old computers to the new ones
● Installed and configured computer hardware, operating systems and applications
● Installed new printers and maintained the network and computers
● Cleaned up and connected the network to the main building with the factory
● Ordered new computers for parts and assembled them according to the needs of different users to replace some old stations
● Periodic backup of all stations

Education Qualifications

Education: Tartessos - Spain - Primary Education (1980 – 1988)
Torrealmirante - Spain - Equivalent to GCSE (1991 – 1996)

Further Education:

Diploma: Cisco Systems IT Essential II Network Operating
Cisco Systems professional development programme
Achieved 2006

Diploma: PHP programming This course relates to the set-up of new companies PHP plans and/or development of strategies including study of online marketing, product suites and sales.
Achieved 2008

Courses studied throughout the Spanish Ministry of Education Moving Plan:

Diploma: E-commerce
This course relates to the set-up of new companies e-commerce plan and/or development of product suites and sales.
Achieved 2009

Diploma: NET programming
This course relates to .NET programming, web programming, and web site development. It also covered ASP.NET, a technology for creating web applications.
Achieved 2009

Diploma: Initiation to Web programming
This course relates to web programming and website development. HTML, Javascript, CSS ,Asp, php, mySQL from php.
Achieved 2009

Diploma: WAN and LAN networks
This course relates to the network architecture and protocols used in network security and the structure and function of the different types of LANs and WANs. Key devices found on LANs such as hubs, switches, and routers allow for effective and efficient communication on the LAN.
Achieved 2009