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Junior Data Analyst / Software Engineer

I’m currently looking for work including contracts and internships in the field of software/database engineering and data analysis. I’m a quick learner with years of experience in this field and good soft skills.


Name: Jake Haslam

Email: [email protected]


Financial Systems Temporary Business Migration Assistant


Will provide on request


- Automating a large amount of data validation checks using Visual Basic macros.
- Developing complex Excel documents, writing reports and queries to user spec and configuring instances of eFront to business requirements.
- Documenting new processes and user guides.

Education Qualifications

Python - Web based projects at home using Flask and Django, automating data entry tasks at work.
SQL - Creating databases for websites at home. Writing queries at work.
iManage - Troubleshooting client and server side issues, using Control Center and DBAdmin.
eFront - General troubleshooting and configuring, good understanding of the software including reporting/querying tools.

Good experience with C, C#, Javascript and Git.

CS50x, CS50w - Harvard University
Comptia IT Fundamentals
MTA Database Fundamentals

Highlands College: 2012 – 2016
BTEC IT Level 3 D*D*D
BTEC IT Level 2 Distinction