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Marketing Executive / Manager

Hi, I am new to Jersey having relocated from South Africa and I am currently looking for employment opportunities in the marketing, advertising or media field.

With an honours degree in marketing and three and a half years of experience as an Account/Marketing Executive and media planner at an advertising agency in South Africa I have a variety of skills which I believe can be of value to any marketing company. I am also in the process of enrolling in the Digital Jersey Academy 6 week Digital marketing course to improve my digital marketing skills.


Name: Rowan Smith



Account Executive and Media Plannner


Tinfish Advertising






My responsibilities at Tinfish Advertising were: - Developed both traditional and digital Media Strategies to promote and establish clients brands across the South African Retail and Alcohol market. - Analyzed post campaign data such as viewership, reach and frequency statistics etc. - Presented appropriate media schedules, Competitor analyses and post campaign results. - Project managed jobs by liaising with the creative team to design concepts for advertising campaigns which included brochures, point of sale banners, corporate booklets, business and Petrol cards and promotional elements for events. - Formed strong working relationships with my clients by providing excellent customer service. - Effectively captured and reported customers data from television ads to use in clients databases.

Education Qualifications

- Bachelor of business Administration in marketing management - Digital marketing Course - Bachelor of honours in marketing