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Temporary / Contract Data Scientist

My name is Ali Richomme. I’ve recently returned to Jersey from travelling through Latin America for the last year. Before travelling, I was working as a Senior Data Scientist where I was solely responsible for the data science and analytics in a small scale-up company in Bristol, England. I have a first class honours masters in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol. I’m looking for temporary or contract work for the next 6-9 months as I am hoping to go to Australia once their borders open. Happy to help with data science related tasks but also data analytics and software development (Python).


Name: Ali Richomme



Data Scientist


Polecat Intelligence






Solely responsible for all data science matters within the company, including proposing and planning projects, developing & testing the data science components and overseeing their move into production. Mainly worked with Natural Language Processing but touched on some quantitive work. I have listed some examples projects from Polecat: Analysed tweets with geospatial information to determine where and when flu outbreaks were going to occur for a major health organisation. Developed a streaming clustering algorithm so that a listed company client could track how news stories and twitter campaigns develop over time. Developed entity geo-tagging which enabled an energy supply giant to track influencers and conversation about energy in the US. Created an algorithm which determines the impact of a document by determining the significance of a company or topic mentioned in the document along with how reputable the source is. Implemented deep learning techniques to tackle problems such as negation, toxicity and entity sentiment.





Education Qualifications

First Class Honours Masters in Engineering Mathematics from the University of Bristol (2016) John Hopkins Data Science Specialisation (2018) St Johns Ambulance First Aider (2018)