Research has been undertaken to identify possible approaches in Jersey to post-compulsory learning, particularly to support and contribute to the island’s digital ecosystem. Most successful digital centres have vibrant university level learning as a key ingredient of their digital ecosystem. Think of the hinterlands of MIT or Stanford: they both provide a two way conduit of talent and fresh ideas; they support grounded and practice based research and development. Jersey has many elements of a successful digital ecosystem but, as many have observed, this is one that we currently lack - although there are many good initiatives making a contribution.   

The research that Digital Jersey is undertaking is specifically targeted at identifying need, exploring potential and the weighing the options available. Learning beyond school, the nature of employment, technology itself, and so much more are all changing rapidly - how should we best take advatage of the new opportunities presented by that change?

Consultation March/April 2015

Results published May 2015.

For further information please contact Carla Harris.