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Call&Check – the International Award-Winning Community Care Service.

Increasing numbers of people are feeling isolated and lonely and would benefit from face-to-face support for living happily in their own homes. On the other side of the letterbox, postal services are facing declining volumes of deliveries in an ever-more digital world. These looked like two disconnected issues with no obvious solution until, in 2012, Call&Check inventor Joe Dickinson had an idea. Like all the best ideas, it was simple and brilliant: get trusted posties to check on people on their rounds, raising flags, enabling problems to be dealt with and reassuring them with a friendly “hello”.

Since the first trials began in Jersey in 2013, Call&Check has garnered global recognition, awards and interest. By better coordinating care, reducing pressure on traditional services including families and carers, and creating new revenue streams for postal services, Call&Check is a win-win-win. Our customers love it! They feel supported and more confident in their own homes knowing someone they can trust is looking out for them.

The service does not provide medical care or fulfil the role of a carer. Whilst we are not replacing the role of carer or health professional, postmen/women in Jersey receive a short training course from the St. John Ambulance team on how to watch out for ‘low level’ medical situations (e.g. signs of hyperthermia)

  • Call&Check provides a regular visit on the pre-agreed days to people who have enrolled;
  • The postmen/women who regularly deliver their mail will call as part of the normal delivery round;
  • A brief chat takes place;
  • The Call&Check client will be asked five questions about their wellbeing/if they need anything;
  • Any concerns or requests will be passed back to the engine (see below) who will in turn pass them to relevant help organisations; this could be medical or social.

Other services and assistance are available as an add-on, for example, the delivery of repeat prescriptions or assistance with reminders, such as hospital appointments. Call&Check is a client-centered connection service and therefore apart from being a health and voluntary care organisation, we involve family, friends and neighbours in the network.

Digital platform (engine)
Call&Check developed a digital platform to manage, monitor and report on the service. The engine also provides detailed measurements of the effectiveness of the service from a patient experience aspect and also will provide measures of savings to healthcare budgets which will help fund and operate the services in the future.

Throughout working with our many different partners, and as the Call&Check concept developed, we realised we needed to adapt the classic “Patient Centred Medical Model” to one which includes all aspects of people’s lives. Only by addressing all of these areas fully can we enable fully independent living.