Cherry Godfrey Finance Ltd

Cherry Godfrey was founded in March 1993 by husband and wife; David and Selena Cherry, née Godfrey.


The business began as a finance brokerage, placing Channel Island customers with other financial institutions. In July 1996, the business was asked to take over the Guernsey finance wing of Great Universal Stores. Since then Cherry Godfrey has enjoyed continuous growth by adding products and acquiring complementary companies with similar cultures.

Our Jersey branch was opened in 2000 offering a suite of consumer finance and insurance products to meet the needs of all Channel Island residents.

Today, the business has evolved into a fully rounded financial services company offering, in many cases, a greater variety of products than you would normally find at a high street bank.

In February 2013 we launched our first Loan Note investment product which, we are delighted to say, was oversubscribed within three weeks. By working with and listening to our investors, we have successfully launched Loan Notes Two, Three and Four.

As one of the premier financial services companies in the Channel Islands we expanded to the Isle of Man in 2016 as part of our strategic growth plan.

In September 2021, we received FCA approval and are now operational in the Isle of Wight, continuing to develop unique Island products, not just off-the-shelf offerings but well researched and good value-for-money products with quality customer service always at the forefront.