ClubAF Limited

ClubAF is a business dedicated to providing a range of non-alcoholic & low alcohol (NoLo) beverages. Our selection of NoLo drinks includes; sparkling wines, wine, beers, ciders, spirits & cocktails, as well as botanicals & health drinks, providing options for the non-drinkers, and choices for those seeking to be mindful of their drinking and reduce their alcohol intake.

Whether you are reducing your alcohol intake for health reasons, self-discipline, pregnancy, or you are the designated driver… ClubAF has a NoLo drink for you. We aim to turn the question, “Why aren’t you drinking?” into “What are you drinking?” From a corporate perspective, ClubAF are keen to work with corporates and small businesses to introduce NoLo products as alternatives at social events and as part of CSR initiatives. Making NoLo beverages more readily available to corporates and SMB’s, it presents a great opportunity to support both well-being and mental health in the workplace.

We also supply hampers for any occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. ClubAF welcomes the opportunity to be invited to corporate wellness days, where we can speak about the benefits of alcohol-free beverages and introduce the various drinks we have available. Email [email protected] for more information.