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Envestors is an FCA regulated corporate finance adviser and a network of sophisticated investors investing in early stage unquoted companies seeking £500k to £10M in equity funding.

From hundreds of business proposals received each year, Envestors carefully selects only the best high growth companies with strong management teams and a proven track record to present to its network. Companies receive thorough preparation and regulated finance advice prior to presentation, with Envestors preparing full due diligence packs and detailed investment notes to facilitate detailed assessment.

Envestors raises finance from experienced investors, family offices and investment funds with the potential to add value not only from growth capital but often expert, strategic and management advice.  Envestors regularly host events for its investor network, sponsors and special interest investor groups, showcasing the latest investment opportunities and industry developments.

Envestors operates from offices in London and Jersey, as well as in Monaco and Dubai.

Envestors works closely with the venture capital industry and is a member of the BVCA and sits on the board of the UKBAA (UK Business Angels Association). Envestors has won numerous awards including the Investors Allstars’ ‘Private Investor Network of the Year’ in 2014, 2011 and 2009.