Heligan Group

Heligan Group is more than just an investment firm; we are visionaries in a world of potential. Rooted in core values of collaboration, trust, and integrity, we pride ourselves on our commitment to long-term relationships, built on mutual understanding and shared goals.

We go beyond being just a financial institution; we are your expert advisors and confidants, dedicated to understanding your aspirations and tailoring strategies that surpass expectations. Every aspect of our work is reinforced by a globally recognised advisory panel, comprising luminaries from the technology, law enforcement, military, and intelligence fields.

Driven by our unwavering commitment to global safety and progress, our core mission is to leverage our unique position as an international intelligence driven merchant bank. By advising and investing in trailblazing technology enterprises, we aim to bridge the gap between profit and purpose, ensuring a safer world for all.

We invest in technology businesses in the National Security, Crime Prevention and Public Safety sectors.