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Innovations from Alemba Jersey Adopted for Worldwide Release

Posted: Tuesday 7 May 2019

The Alemba Innovation Centre led the UI overhaul of Alemba Service Manager v10, the company’s flagship IT Service Management application.

Launched in April 2019, Alemba Service Manager v10 has been a major success and leapfrogs Alemba over the competition with a completely modern, stylish and ergonomic interface.

The Alemba Innovation Centre, based out of Digital Jersey’s Hub in St Helier, is home to a team of software and design specialists. The Centre was started in 2016 as a way of allowing a team within Alemba to focus on innovation. Led by Tony Moretta, the Digital Jersey Team has worked closely with Alemba since the idea of the Alemba Innovation Centre was first conceived.

“We wanted to create an environment where key team members could be free to focus on generating cutting-edge innovations”, says Alemba CEO, Simon Nugent. “Jersey was chosen as the ideal place to do this. It’s remote enough to offer a reprieve from the daily grind whilst still being close enough to the Alemba global headquarters in Surrey to stay in touch.”

The redesigned user interface, which forms one of the cornerstones of Alemba’s v10 release, exemplifies the innovations coming out of Alemba Jersey that have become a core part of the product, which is used around the world by customers such as Nokia, Mercedes-Benz and Sony.


About Alemba

Alemba develops Alemba Service Manager, a highly functional, 100% ITIL-compliant IT Service Management tool with a specific focus on request fulfilment. Backed by 25 years of heritage, Alemba Service Manager enables users to respond quickly to business demands by dramatically reducing time to request fulfilment through automated work flowed integration.

With a strong consultancy background, unrivalled expertise in the Service Management market, and a strong focus on customer experience, Alemba is ideally positioned to deliver a successful, end-to-end Service Management project within your organisation. Alemba can assist with every aspect of your Service Management needs, from software implementations to maintenance and support, training and upgrades.

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