Posted Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Digital industry welcomes award of 4G spectrum by CICRA

Digital Jersey has welcomed the news that the Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities (CICRA) has awarded 4G spectrum to three successful applicants, namely Airtel, JT and Sure.

Digital industry welcomes award of 4G spectrum by CICRA


CIRCA have been working with local industry, consumers and Ofcom since June to assess bids from local telecom companies to provide this service and have announced their decision today. 

The introduction of 4G will provide users with better mobile connectivity, including faster download and upload speeds and access to enhanced cloud services.

Paul Masterton, Chairman of Digital Jersey commented:  

“This is more positive news for Jersey and congratulations must go to Airtel Vodafone, Jersey Telecom and Sure for their willingness to make significant investment in the island’s communications infrastructure.  CICRA must also be recognised for completing this process, which will be a catalyst for the development of new services and innovation, and contribute to economic growth.”

“This is another step towards Jersey becoming one of the best-connected jurisdictions in the world.   We look forward to welcoming the the roll out of 4G from the three operators in the near future.”