Posted Wednesday 4th June 2014

Competition Time - Can you help name our meeting rooms?

Congrats to Allam and David for winning our Meeting Room Competition!

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  • C-AM-00057.jpg
C-AM-00055.jpg C-AM-00045.jpg C-AM-00061.jpg C-AM-00057.jpg

Allam and David have won access to our Hub facilities for a month for coming up with names for our meeting rooms!  

As most of you are aware, we have recently moved into our "Digital Jersey Hub" located at 3 The Forum in St. Helier. Aiming to be the heart and soul of a digitally enabled island, the Hub has been designed to support business, students and the community. Those of you that have visited the Hub will know that this isn’t just any ordinarily office, but a creative space that is exciting, quirky and inspiring.

Our meetings rooms will now be called:

Large meeting room - Edison

Meeting room 1 - Sandberg

Meeting room 2 - Jobs

Meeting room 3 - Gates