Posted Thursday 20th November 2014

Digital Jersey's first Techfair

In November 2014, Digital Jersey in partnership with the British Computer Society (BCS) organised the biggest Techfair of its kind in the Channel Islands to promote innovative technology.

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The educational techfair included a number of live talks from speakers within the industry on specific technologies. There was also a chance to disucss further technology specific topics with a Q&A discussion after each talk.

Videos from the Techfair can be found below.

3D Printing, Drones and the Internet of things - Mark Loane

Mark Loane, from C5 Alliance discussed the Internet of things, the Maker Community and what this would mean for Jersey, which also included Drones and 3D Printing.

Presentation notes can be found here.


Switched On Children - Jon Tarrant

John Tarrant from Education spoke about e-safety and the applications that children use. He explored the disconnect which is often what "adults" think they do.

Presentation notes can be found here.


Airtel-protect filtering - Peter Zunino

Peter Zunino, from Airtel talked about Airtel Protect, Jersey's first web filter for mobile phones.

More information about Airtel Protect can be found here.


All about Bitcoin - Robbie Andrews

Robbie Andrews talked about what bitcoin is, why you should be looking at it and local applications for business and consumers. It also provided an opportunity to ask the experts questions in relation to bitcoin.

More information about Bitcoin in Jersey can be found here.


Social Media for Business - Chris Journeaux, CITD

More info on Channel Island Training Development can be found here.


Gaming: how much is too much - Ronnie Isherwood

Ronnie Isherwood, BCS Chairman and veteran gamer hosted an interactive chat about computer gaming specifically covering the good the bad and the ugly of “how much is too much”.

Presentation notes can be found here.


Drone Tech Do's & Don'ts - Steve Baudains

Presentation notes can be found here.