Posted Monday 12th June 2017

Digital Industry discusses Social Security reform

Today, representatives from 10 digital businesses, led by Digital Jersey, met with Social Security to discuss and consider views on Social Security contributions and their impact on new digital businesses.    

Digital Industry discusses Social Security reform

The workshop's focus was the bring the digital industry together with government officers to define the challenges they face and discuss long-term solutions. It was also an opportunity for officers to explain more about the support already available, including the deferred rate scheme which allows newly self-employed people to pay a lower rate for two years while their business gets off the ground. 


Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey said: "The modern workplace is evolving and this shift is particularly noticeable in digital businesses. Today it's much more than the norm to work flexibly for several employers at once, or to work "on-demand," only when customers need you. We have asked government to address some of the challenges faces by digital businesses with Social Security contributions, ultimately resullting in a more equitable and modern system for all." 


Minister for Social Security, Susie Pinel commented: "Social Security is in the early stages of a review of the Social Security fund, which will include the rules for self-employed people and newly created businesses - so this is the perfect time for us to engage with the digital industry. I want it to be as easy as possible for people to start their own businesses or become self-employed if they have a great business idea,"


"We are continually reviewing and improving our services, and how we explain them to customers, so we welcome these insights - particularly as digital businesses play a critical part in our economy and the future development of the Island.


"Today has also been a great opportunity for us to explain the help that is already available, how the Social Security scheme protects islanders and how we need to make sure it is financially sustainable in the future."