Posted Friday 12th July 2013

Greg Nugent shares expertise re Digital Marketing and Data

We were delighted to be able to sponsor a Jersey Finance event featuring Greg Nugent, the Director of Brand, Marketing and Culture for the London Olympics and Paralympics. Greg talked to both industries about the importance of CRM and Digital Marketing, explaining how he used them to positive effect during both the Olympics and President Obama’s first election campaign.

Greg Nugent shares expertise re Digital Marketing and Data

Giving inspiring examples and insights, three of the key themes that came out of Greg’s talk were:

  1. Better data is the most important thing you can invest in to improve your marketing
  2. While good data is vital, you need to stay flexible and creative - for example asking your customers/audience ‘what can we do to improve?’ might be an open-ended question that doesn’t fit neatly into datasets, but it’s extremely valuable
  3. Offline activity should drive online activity and vice versa – consider them together, rather than separately.

For more information, please see the full PRESS RELEASE.