Posted Wednesday 3rd June 2015

Learn more about Creative Industries Jersey

At the beginning of the year, Digital Jersey and Creative Industrial Guernsey bought the first Learn Create Produce event to the island. Building on this event, we hopee to create a “CIG” Jersey equivalent to provide a focal point for “creatives” in Jersey.

Learn more about Creative Industries Jersey

Flowing from this, Digital Jersey hosted a Q&A follow up, facilitated by Ed Prow and Creative Industry Guernsey Chairman, Graham Daldry. This discussion showed great evidence that there is a strong creative community on the island and an interest in formulating a Creative Industries Jersey.

There is now some structure together on defining what the Creative Industries body might become in Jersey and the first meeting is confirmed for Thursday 25th June from 7pm - 9pm. Register here.

The structure will be very short presentations with questions, then a breakout for people to discuss then feedback to form this new body.

The primary goal is to define who is willing to be part of the team to get things up and running to develop a core team to get things started.


Useful Documents

Attached is some information which has been gleaned from CIG that we should be able to appropriate for Jersey.

CIJ Careers

CIJ What we are

CIJ Poster

CIJ Meet Up Agenda