Posted Tuesday 14th July 2015

Jersey Startup Launches Brand New Ethical Search Engine

Jersey Startup Launches Brand New Ethical Search Engine

Digital Jersey welcomes the news that a brand new ethical search engine, Storm, from Jersey-based start-up Storm Technologies Ltd, has launched.

The startup is headed up by CEO Kevin Taylor, formerly of security giant Symantec, he has over 25 years experience in the field of data protection and information privacy. Storm allows users to raise money for their favourite charities as they shop online. Consumers are able to see a ‘give’ icon alongside participating retailers in their search results. If an online purchase is made through one of these retailers, a commission is shared with the individual’s chosen charity, at no extra cost to the consumer. Popular online stores including, Sports Direct, Currys, Boots and B&Q are participating, amongst the 4,000 retailers that are already signed up.

With over 15% of UK charity donations coming through online channels and £116 billion spent online in 2014, Storm has projected that it will generate £200 million annually for charities by 2017. Storm’s first launch charity partner is WellChild, a UK charity for children with very serious health conditions. 

The Storm search engine is now available to use on Windows and Mac at this address: and as an Android mobile app, with Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone compatibility to be announced soon.

The start up is backed by investment from several angel investors, including serial entrepreneur Andrew Crossland, of Crossland Technology Investments.

Andy Jarrett, Director at Digital Jersey, commented:

“We are extremely excited about the launch of the new ethical search engine Storm. Storm Technologies Ltd is one of the newest businesses to base their operations in Jersey, and it’s fantastic to see a business devoted to using digital technology for a charitable cause. Storm’s ambitions align with Digital Jersey’s mission to benefit our Island’s digital economy by bringing and supporting new and innovative businesses to and in Jersey.”

Kevin Taylor, CEO of Storm, commented:

“The Internet search market is ripe for disruption. Consumers have grown suspicious of how the traditional search providers use their personal information and are increasingly aware of the burgeoning profits concentrated in just a few companies. By refusing to harvest customer data, and sharing our revenues with charity partners, we’re building an ethical search engine that offers a real alternative for consumers, whilst generating millions of pounds for good causes.”

For more information about Storm, please see this article in Business Life Magazine