Fintech Day

Fintech was the subject of Wednesday’s TechWeek day, which explored the three b’s – biometrics, blockchains and bots.

The first half of the day was all about Blockchain, crypto and ICOs, with the afternoon diving deeper into the use of innovative technology in finance.

Presentations and insights were provided by a range of fantastic local and international speakers. Watch the day’s presentations below.

Jersey TechWeek 2018 - Fintech Day Speaker Presentations

Chris Griffin - Crypto - Where are we now and what's next for Jersey?

Chris Griffin, Partner at Carey Olsen, examines where are we now with crypto and what's next for Jersey?

Rus Newton - The changing landscape for capital formation

Rus Newton, Head of Research & System Development at Global Advisors examines the changing landscape for capital formation.

Lewis Fellas - Asset Management Challenges faced by Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

Lewis Fellas, Chief Investment Officer at Bletchley Park discusses the asset management challenges faced by cryptocurrency hedge funds.

Ted Lin - Binance ecosystem - global overview and outlook

Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance examines the Binance ecosystem including a global overview and future outlook.

Sandra Alzetta - The right risk: The institutional investor perspective

Sandra Alzetta, Chief Product Officer at Koine Finance presents "The right risk: The institutional investor perspective."

Steve Pomret - Demystification of blockchain, application in finance sector

Steve Pomret, CEO at Cygnetise, explores the applications of blockchain in the finance sector.

Nick Ogden - Financial Innovation - how much is really relevant to customers?

Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman at ClearBank, explores how much of financial innovation is really relevant to customers?

Paul Makin - Biometrics and the Power of Magical Thinking

Paul Makin, Financial Technology and Identity Consultant at Trover, presents his talk on biometrics in fintech.

Diana Biggs - how to drive customer-centric digital innovation in financial services

Diana Biggs, Head of Digital Innovation for UK & Europe at HSBC, discusses how to drive customer-centric digital innovation in financial services.

Terry Cordeiro - Bots & machine learning - application in finance

Terry Cordeiro, Applied Science & Intelligent Products at Lloyds Banking Group, explore the application of bots and machine learning in finance.