Why Choose Jersey?

Unrivalled Connectivity

With super-fast fibre broadband to every home and business and island-wide 4G coverage, you’re always connected, whether you’re working from home or from the beach.

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Digital Community

A collaborative & supportive digital community of over 3,000 people, hosting regular networking events and meet-ups.

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Dedicated Support

Dedicated support from our team is available at every step of your journey. We’ll even offer you a free permanent desk at the Hub digital co-working space for your first 6 months.

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Low Income Tax Rates

In Jersey, your tax rate is calculated based what you earn. The maximum rate is 20% and depending on your income, it could be much lower.

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We offer two schemes that support freelancers and entrepreneurs moving to Jersey:

Exceptional Talent:

For founders or senior leaders of product-led digital businesses who can evidence digital skills and a contribution to the advancement of the sector through engagement beyond their day to day profession.

Exceptional Promise:

For those earlier in their career, typically with 5-years or less commercial experience and therefore have yet to establish a track record in innovation. They should be able to demonstrate their potential to be digital leaders from skills and achievements thus far.


Expectations for Entrepreneurs

All we ask is that you are a British or Swiss national, or have EU/EEA citizenship and that your focus is on digital or technology. You must also have a minimum salary of £60k. Beyond that, let us sort the rest for you.


St Aubin

Physically Connected

We’re connected by air and sea to the UK and France, including multiple daily 40-minute flights into London hub airports. You may not be there all the time, but you can be there any time you like.

Digitally Connected

Jersey’s super fast, fibre all-home broadband is rated the fastest in the world, supported by three telecoms providers, with full 4G coverage across the island and a planned 5G roll-out. Always on, always connected, all-island coverage, meaning doing business on your terms comes as standard.

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Tech Tribe

Welcome to your new digital community! With more than 3,000 people in Jersey’s digital workforce, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a community centred around Digital Jersey, from fintech to medtech, crypto to e-commerce, our tech ecosystem is ready to welcome you.

Surf's Up

Whether you choose to work from home, an office, coffee shop or the beach, when it’s time to switch off, the Jersey life begins. Get active in or on the water, stroll or cycle our tranquil lanes and awe-inspiring cliff paths, and then round it off with our award-winning dining options. You want true work-life balance? This is the life.


We've Got Your Back

Digital Jersey will connect you with investors, expert support and no shortage of resources to remove the barriers to your growth and success, with a ‘make it easy’ attitude in our world-class well-regulated environment. We’ll also offer you a free permanent desk in the Digital Jersey Hub for your first 6 months on the island.

Want to know more?

Our Business Development team is here to answer any questions you may have about moving your freelance or entrepreneurial lifestyle to our idyllic shores. Email [email protected] or request a callback below.


Discover the Fastest Internet Speeds in the World

Jersey has the fastest broadband speeds in the world, cementing the Island’s growing reputation as a digital front-runner. Since 2018, every premises on the Island has had access to full-fibre gigabit broadband – making Jersey the most well-connected jurisdiction on the planet.

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Life in Jersey

When you’re not working, Jersey’s stunning beaches, bustling culture and vibrant nightlife are waiting for you.

Idyllic island location

You’re never more than 10 minutes from one of Jersey’s stunning beaches, perfect for soaking up the sun or catching a cheeky after work surf.

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Balance & wellness

Jersey is ideal for fitness and wellness, with a range of gyms, pools and unique activities from sunset yoga, kayaking, surfing and lots more.

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Fresh local food

From Michelin-star restaurants to beach cafés with sea views, Jersey is renowned for it’s food culture and fresh local produce.

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Case Study

Hear what other freelancers and entrepreneurs have to say about their unique 9 to 5 on our unique 9 by 5 island


“I relocated my social media business to Jersey last year and it was the best decision I ever made. My quality of life completely changed – waking up each day paddle boarding, sailing and with the beach and the fresh air has been incredible. I love the lifestyle here, the restaurants and places to go to are just fantastic and my friends all look forward to coming to stay! One evening we decided to get a boat to France and back for dinner, dolphins all the way! I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was when I moved and I just feel so much safer and happier here than back in the UK.”

“Business wise, the lower tax is a huge pull and I’ve had so much support from other entrepreneurs who want to network, which I love about Jersey. Ironically, it’s cheaper and quicker for me to get to London for meetings than when I was located in the Midlands. I can leave on the red eye and be back in time to watch the sunset!”

B. King, a Start-up and Telecoms expert
J. Merten, a Fintech Consultant

“Having been based in Coventry for the past 25 years but originally from rural Lincolnshire I was ready for a change. We have two young children (ages 5 and 8) I wanted to give them the opportunity to grow up, as I did, being able to roam the countryside safely, on the other hand we also didn’t want to give up convenience and appeal that an urban environment brings.

Where we have ended up living in Jersey is semi rural surrounded by fields of potatoes and cows! Town is 5 minutes away with the added bonus of many beaches also just minutes away. The children can come home from school and we can be on the beach 5 minutes later. Also, as a successful tech entrepreneur from the UK ISP sector the discovery that the island already enjoyed full fibre internet was a godsend.

My only regret is that we didn’t make the move sooner, I would encourage any start-up tech businesses to look into the Jersey opportunity sooner rather than later, there is a wealth of experience and talent available to help you progress, and if you are seeking investment there is a wall of money waiting for the right opportunity.”

“Digital Jersey has been key for me to bring my business forward. Their network helped myself, my clients and their business partners to successfully expand their activities. But not only the virtual network, but also providing a physical presence, “the Hub”, is essential for the island’s tech community. Giving local companies the space to meet and exchange ideas is really a driving force behind the current growth of the Jersey tech industry. The team behind DJ is amazing. They really focus on making Jersey a pearl in the tech world. I am deeply grateful to be part of this, and to have the chance to grow with them.”

The Freelancer & Entrepreneur Journey

Working closely with Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey will support and endorse freelancers and entrepreneurs applying for the necessary licensing permissions to operate in Jersey.

Contact Digital Jersey

Check our eligibility criteria and contact Digital Jersey who will bring you up to speed with the local Digital Sector and the support available for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Seek professional advice

In any relocation, it is important to take third party professional advice, with regards to legal and tax matters.

Complete and submit business plan

Your application will be assessed based on innovation, market, job creation & training and scalability.

You are on your way to Jersey

After a minimum of 10 working days, our team will inform you if your application has been successful.

Request a callback