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Fintech Sandbox

Given Jersey’s position as a world-class finance centre and its adoption of digital innovations, it’s no surprise that the island is rapidly becoming a Fintech Sandbox.


fastest broadband speeds in the world


of broadband connections are pure gigabit fibre (FTTP)


independent 4G networks


mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants

Why Choose Jersey as your Fintech Sandbox?

Fintech and Regtech are a natural fit for Jersey given the Island’s small scale, contained environment and robust regulatory setting among various other advantages.

Jersey’s regulator, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC), encourages innovation in the financial services industry. As a part of Sandbox Jersey, the JFSC helps to establish the right environment for companies to bring Fintech products and services to the market. The JFSC offers support by:

  • Providing help for innovative businesses to understand how the regulatory framework applies to them and their proposed products and services
  • Listening to and engaging with industry, considering relevant policy where appropriate to foster the development of innovative products or services
  • Working to ensure a technologically neutral regulatory regime wherever possible
  • Working closely with key stakeholders, including Jersey Finance and the States of Jersey, industry bodies, and international standard setters to ensure that Jersey is well placed to respond quickly to new innovations in financial services.

Digital Jersey’s Fintech adviser, Dave Birch, highlights what makes Sandbox Jersey the ideal solution for those looking for a Fintech or Regtech testbed.

Our partners

By testing your Fintech or Regtech product or service in Sandbox Jersey, you can access an impressive range of services, facilities and organisations.



The Island of Jersey is a wide scale, but compact, testbed for deploying Fintech and Regtech services. Here you have access to a progressive, representative community of 100,000 people enjoying an advanced, sophisticated level of public infrastructure and services:

  • 118 mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants
  • 87% broadband penetration per 100 households
  • Three independent 4G networks covering the Island
  • Three dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) networks (NBIoT and Two LPWANs including LoRa)
  • 100% of broadband connections to schools, homes and businesses are gigabit fibre

Jersey’s financial services industry is built upon a number of strengths including political and economic stability, a mature and respected legal and regulatory system, tax neutrality and a flexible corporate law regime. The industry is made up of a number of key segments including funds management, private client services and corporate services.


Our Fintech Sandbox gives you access to Digital Jersey’s existing shared workspaces, the Digital Hub and Eagle Labs, soon to be joined by a dedicated IoT Lab and showcase space.
We can also arrange or recommend access to other facilities as required.




Jersey’s unsurpassed fixed and wireless telecommunication networks permit high quality end-to-end testing, either passively or in active configuration through agreed interaction with a local carrier. Comprehensive 4G wireless coverage using multi-vendor network infrastructure, layered frequency networks, wireless and fixed backhaul technologies employed, global interconnection through wide-ranging roaming arrangements. World-leading FTTH and FTTP network deployment provides a gigabit connection to every home and business in the Island.

Expert guidance

Through our extensive networks and strong working relationships we can call upon the guidance of individuals and organisations working in the field of Fintech and regulation, legal precedence, data protection and intellectual property amongst others, should you require it.


Development Opportunities

We can provide help you launch your start-up in Jersey, offering support to help you establish and operate from the island if required. We can also introduce providers of venture capital and facilitate discussions of joint-venture support should this be required.

Artificial Intelligence: An Open World

A short film produced by Jersey Finance on artificial intelligence including insights from a selection of member firms, partners and businesses on-Island.

Request a call back

We have a clear commitment to work with organisations coming to Jersey for the purposes of testing Fintech and Regtech technology and applications. Our dedicated team are here to provide support to your business throughout the entire process.

Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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