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Digital Jersey can help your business access the talent it needs to thrive and grow. Our dedicated team are here to help you obtain working permissions when sourcing digital specialists from off-island.

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Obtaining Work Permissions for Your Digital Business

British nationals and citizens of the European Economic area are required to obtain work permissions, known locally as licences, to work in Jersey. Our team at Digital Jersey are dedicated to helping local businesses obtain these licences. We understand that specially skilled employees sometimes must be sourced from off-island in order for your business to thrive.

We have a strong working relationship with the Business Hub and will guide and support businesses in seeking work permissions (Registered or Licenced positions) for employees. This includes support in compiling the necessary documentation and applicant endorsement.

Working permissions are targeted at roles that will contribute towards the growth and development of the Digital Sector, and where those skills are otherwise unavailable in the local talent pool. We evaluate applicants based on a number of selected criteria including business growth and training offered, specific experience and tech skills, along with productivity and innovation; and we are particularly supportive of companies that demonstrate research, development and innovation activity.

Anybody coming to Jersey to work, irrespective of their nationality, is required to obtain domestic work permissions, known locally as licences. If you’re not British or Irish your employer will need to apply for an Immigration Work Permit and you will need a visa.

You can find out more information about living and working in Jersey, including details on residential qualifications and employment law, on the Government of Jersey website.


Revoke (formerly Atam ID Technologies)

“I’ve been working with Digital Jersey on and off since Digital Jersey was formed. It was an obvious choice to go and speak to them and find out how they could help us with licences when we came across a candidate who was exceptional but who didn’t have the right (residential) qualifications.”

Aonghus Fraser, CEO, Revoke

Kulpa (formerly Anatomap)

“As the founder of a fast-growing tech start-up, it is critical that we are able to attract the talent we need. Hiring locally is always the preference but sometimes there is a skills shortage. We found someone suitable who required a Registered work permission and then Digital Jersey helped me to get the licence we needed within a week. They are an incredibly supportive organisation and a real key pillar in Jersey’s drive to build a substantial digital sector.”

– Simon Franc, CEO, Kulpa

Simon Franc - Anatomap
Becky Sheeran


“I first had the amazing assistance of Digital Jersey getting business licence and work permission help when I relocated from England to set up a social media company, Spud Agency, on the island. They were so helpful from start to finish, and made the whole relocation much easier, mainly making sure I had everything I needed for my application.

Once settled on the island, the team started to grow and we employed someone locally. Finding people who are trained or understand what we do is vital for our company growth, so when we expanded again, we needed a work permission for someone who had those skills. Digital Jersey gave me all the support I needed right the way from guidance to advertising the job, to help with successfully securing new licences. It’s enabled our start-up to keep growing, with the right people around us.”

– Becky Sheeran, Founder & CEO, Spud


“As a product-development focussed technology agency, one of the greatest challenges we face is finding the right people to grow our team at the right times. The support we’ve received from Digital Jersey has enabled us to make the strategic hires we’ve needed to in order to support our existing clients and to engage with new projects – not just when we’ve needed to, but how we’ve needed to as well. This has allowed us to scale up faster than we would have been able to otherwise, and has helped us to reduce the risk faced in doing so.”

– Matt Chatterley, Owner, Codentia

Matt Chatterley
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