Digital Skills Credits

What if your team could access hundreds of courses and workshops at the click of a button? Well now they can!

Digital Jersey is excited to share our new Digital Skills Credits pilot. We’re making it easier for you to bridge the digital skills gap in your business.

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Digital Skills for All

Every day technology is advancing and the skills gap in our Island is getting bigger. That’s why prioritising digital skills for all remains an important part of our work at Digital Jersey.

So far, we have helped over 3000 islanders complete over 100 different courses to learn how to use digital tools and platforms effectively. These new skills can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace and provide individuals with the much needed digital skills employers are looking for.

We know that high quality, relevant and readily accessible digital development can be difficult to find and time consuming to organise. That’s why we’re excited to pilot our new Digital Skills Credit scheme making it easier and more cost effective to access our courses and workshops. This pilot will run from July to  December 2023.

What's Changing?

From June 2023 we are trialing a 6 month pilot for digital skills credits.
We hope that this will make it easier and more cost effective for
businesses and individuals to bridge the digital skills gap.

You will still be able to access a vast array of free and paid courses and
workshops at Digital Jersey – just the way you pay and sign up for these resources will change.

To date, the Government of Jersey have funded a variety of courses as part of covid and economic recovery funding. Moving to a hybrid of free and paid courses allows us to be able to sustain the quantity and quality of the skills we can support in the long term. We hope that the pilot will be a success and will launch fully in 2024.


What Courses are Available?

You can pay as you go or use your Digital Skills Credits to access any of the following courses between July and December 2023 whilst the pilot is active.

AI Enhanced ResearchAI6£300x
Applied AI in the WorkplaceAI6£300xx
Businesss Owners using AIAI6£300x
ChatGPT in the WorkplaceAI0£0x
Enhanced eCommerce with AIAI6£300x
Entrepreneurs using AIAI6£300x
Power Apps 101App Development2£100xxx
Power Apps 102App Development6£300xx
Applied Power AutomateAutomation3£150x
Power AutomateAutomation6£300xx
Alteryx 101 – IntroData Analytics0£0x
Alteryx 102 – PracticalData Analytics3£150x
Alteryx 103 – AppliedData Analytics6£300x
Excel Data Analysis 1Data Analytics0£0xxx
Excel Data Analysis 2Data Analytics2£100xxx
Excel Formulas & Functions 1Data Analytics0£0xxxx
Excel Formulas & Functions 2Data Analytics2£100xxx
PowerBI 101Data Analytics2£100xxx
PowerBI 102Data Analytics6£300xxx
Digital Marketing 102Digital Marketing0£0xxx
Email Marketing & CRMDigital Marketing0£0xxx
Leveraging LinkedInDigital Marketing0£0xxx
Search Engine OptimisationDigital Marketing0£0xxx
Social Media MarketingDigital Marketing0£0xxx
MS ListsMicrosoft Apps0£0x
Office 365 & TeamsMicrosoft Apps1£50xxx
PlannerMicrosoft Apps0£0xx
MS Projects 101Project Management2£100xx

Courses are subject to change due to tutor availability. Please see the courses page for specific dates.

Credit Subscription Types

Unlimited free courses and access to all paid courses with credits


Named Individual Subscription

  • Access to 12 credits or unlimited credits for courses and workshops until 31 December 2023
  • Only valid for one named individual
    A cost effective way of accessing higher level digital skills
  • Could be used by a business to accelerate the learning of a team member
  • Great for individuals who are self employed


  • 6 months 12 credits: £400
  • Unlimited credits to 31/12/23: £1,000

Business Subscription

  • Access to 25, 60, or 135 credits until 31 December 2023
  • Valid for use by multiple employees in your business
  • A cost effective way of creating digital development pathways for your team
  • Could be used to upskill a whole team or department in one go
  • Reduces admin around booking and paying for courses and workshops.


  • Bronze 25 credits: £1,250
  • Silver 60 credits: £2,500 (17% discount)
  • Gold 135 credits: £5,000 (26% discount)

Pay as you go Pricing

If you want to access our courses on a pay as you go basis you will still be able to attend sessions from free Level 1 entry level sessions up to Level 4 and beyond which are bespoke courses with bespoke pricing.

Level 1

Intro: FREE

Intermediate: £50

Level 2

Intro: £100

Intermediate: £150

Level 3

Intro: £300

Intermediate: £450


Why are you running this as a pilot?

We believe that our new Digital Skills Credits will make accessing digital skills learning easier and more cost effective for businesses and individuals. Our pilot will last for 6 months and if it is successful we will roll it out further.

Can I continue to access free courses through Digital Jersey?

Yes! We have a fantastic track record of delivering high quality, expert led courses at Digital Jersey which we will continue to offer across all price points.

Can I share an individual subscription between my employees?

Individual subscriptions can only be used for one named individual. If you would like multiple employees to be able to use the credits then please subscribe to one of the business subscription levels.

How is this more cost effective for businesses?

The Digital Skills Credits will reduce administration with only one invoice to pay when booking multiple courses for employees. You will also receive regular reports on who has accessed which courses and how many credits have been used. Credits allow for discounts on course fees up to 26%.

Courses All courses →
Excel Data Analysis 2
  • Tuesday 3rd October / Monday 20th November
  • £100 + GST (2 credits)
Digital Marketing 101
  • Friday 6th October
  • Free (0 Credits)
Search Engine Optimisation
  • Tuesday 10th October
  • Free (0 Credits)
Power Automate
  • Wednesday 11th October
  • £300 + GST (6 credits)