Relocate Your Business to Jersey

With unrivalled connectivity, world-leading broadband speeds, a digitally-focused economy, vibrant culture and stunning natural surroundings, Jersey is the ideal location for you and your business.

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Why Relocate your Business to Jersey?

English-speaking yet off the coast of France. A British Isle yet independently governed and regulated. In the same time zone as and a short hop from London, yet with a lifestyle and geography that feels a world away. There are many reasons to choose Jersey. And that’s before we even begin talking about our world-leading digital infrastructure including all-home and business fibre broadband that’s the second fastest on the planet. If a true work-life balance in a digitally-focused location matters to you and your business, come join us.

Tax Benefits

We have a maximum personal income tax rate of 20% and a high-value residency income tax rate of 20% on the first £850,000 of income, subject to a minimum annual tax contribution of £170,000, with tax charged at 1% on all income, other than Schedule A income, above the minimum. Our standard rate of corporation tax is 0%, 10% for some regulated financial institutions, and 20% for

There’s also no capital gains tax or inheritance tax. The idea is to keep the system simple and fair, and we’re here and ready to go through all the detail to help you understand the benefits to you and your business.

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Digital Economy

With more than 3,000 people in Jersey’s digital workforce, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and a community centred around Digital Jersey – from fintech to medtech, crypto to e-commerce – our tech ecosystem is ready to welcome you.

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Travel & Connectivity

We’re connected by air and sea to the UK and France, including multiple daily 40-minute flights into London hub airports. You may not be there all the time, but you can be there any time you like.

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Unique Business Benefits

Jersey is a Crown Dependency that is part of the British Isles, but independently governed and regulated. It means we can be fleet of foot in adapting to global trends and bespoke local requirements, while maintaining our status and reputation for being a world-class, well-regulated jurisdiction.

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A New Home For Your Business

Together with our friends at Locate Jersey, we provide dedicated support throughout your relocation and beyond. From housing and schools, to staffing and networking, our teams are connected to the right people at the right time and have a ‘make it easy’ approach to welcoming you to our island home.

We’re in the same time zone as London, we use a major global currency (GBP) and we speak English. Those business advantages sit in an environment that feels distinctly different, with our golden beaches and bays, tranquil leafy lanes, rich culture and history, and love of dining and entertaining.

Connected to the World

Jersey’s super fast fibre all-home broadband is some of the fastest in the world, supported by three 4G providers and 5G roll-out. Always on, always connected, all-island coverage, meaning doing business on your terms comes as standard.

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Your New Digital Community

The beating heart of Jersey’s digital community is our Digital Jersey Hub in the island capital of St Helier. Here you can connect with the island’s thriving tech network, collaborate with like-minded people and immerse yourself in an ecosystem of coders, creators and innovators.

Want to know more?

Our Head of Business Development Chris Knight is here to answer any questions you may have about your business relocation journey. Email [email protected] or request a callback below.

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Life in Jersey

Jersey is the place where getting business done is not at odds with making the most of all our beautiful island has to offer. You want true work-life balance? This is the life.

Work-life Balance

Whether you choose to work from home, an office, coffee shop or the beach, when it’s time to switch off, the Jersey life begins. Get active in or on the water, or stroll or cycle our tranquil lanes and awe-inspiring cliff paths. There’s plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy.

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Food Culture

Round off a day of adventure with our world-famous dining options from cosy beachside cafés to award-winning restaurants.

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Education & Healthcare

Jersey has a comprehensive health service that offers excellent facilities, combined with a very high standard of care. The Island also has a top class education system and is a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

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Safe Environment

Jersey has a unique culture and a welcoming, sophisticated community. As a Crown Dependency the jurisdiction enjoys constitutional rights of self-government and judicial independence.

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Case Study

Hear what other relocation success stories have to say

Target Internet

Target Internet, a digital marketing training provider, relocated their digital business and family to Jersey. With super-fast, high-speed broadband, a multitude of networking opportunities and a safe, secure environment to raise a family, the Target Internet team could not be happier with their decision.

M. Faure, Founder at Sense IT - a Parenting Mobile Application
P. Taylor, Founder at Blue Flame - a Software Development Agency
Christopher Witthoft from Digifu - A Digital Marketing Agency

“Jersey was the ideal place for us to relocate to for a few reasons – we wanted to be in a central time zone, English speaking country with good access to the rest of the world. Important to us was a combination of good business support and opportunities as well as a healthy, outdoors lifestyle. Jersey really offered the best of all these criteria.

Relocation is a way bigger deal than most people think of. It is difficult to upend your life and the logistics can feel overwhelming at times. The support we received from the Jersey government and business made the process a lot easier. We used an agent to assist us on the ground and she assisted with finding a house and setting up the basic accounts we needed. The support from our parish with things like pets and drivers licenses etc. was amazing. The community has been so welcoming, our first summer has been exceptionally social for us as a family and we already feel at home.”

“Understanding what exactly is required and who to talk to when relocating can be overwhelming, so having someone from Digital Jersey to provide me with guidance was invaluable. The desk space in the Hub has also been ideal in having a collaborative area to work from within Jersey’s digital community, surrounded by other tech enthusiasts.”

”When visiting Jersey we simply fell in love with the island and it ticked all our ‘boxes’ for family and business. We were looking for a safe, fun, sunny environment where we can raise our small kids and a location that had the drive to stimulate tech-based business. While providing a good location to reach both the UK and European markets. Incorporating in Jersey can be tricky, through Digital Jersey this process is well supported and enabled me to focus on relocating and our family’s new start. A few years on and the team at DJ is always willing to assist, mentor and network, helping create mutual success.”

The Business Relocation Journey

Working closely with Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey will support and endorse digital businesses applying for the necessary licensing permissions to operate in Jersey.

Contact Digital Jersey

Contact Digital Jersey who will bring you up to speed with the local Digital Sector and the support available to relocating businesses.

Seek professional advice

In any relocation, it is important to take third party professional advice, with regards to legal and tax matters.

Complete and submit business plan

Your application will be assessed based on innovation, market, job creation & training and scalability.

You are on your way to Jersey

After a minimum of 10 working days, our team will inform you if your application has been successful.

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