Relocate Your Business to Jersey

With unrivalled connectivity, world-leading broadband speeds, a digitally-focused economy, vibrant culture and stunning natural surroundings, Jersey is the ideal location for you and your business.


Tax Benefits

Maximum personal income tax rate of 20% & no capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Digital Economy

With more than 3,000 people in Jersey’s digital workforce, our tech ecosystem is ready to welcome you.

Travel & Connectivity

We’re connected by air and sea to the UK and France, including multiple daily 40-minute flights into London hub airports.

Unique Business Benefits

Jersey is a Crown Dependency that is part of the British Isles, but independently governed and regulated.

Why Relocate your Business to Jersey?

English-speaking yet off the coast of France. A British Isle yet independently governed and regulated. In the same time zone as and a short hop from London, yet with a lifestyle and geography that feels a world away. There are many reasons to choose Jersey. And that’s before we even begin talking about our world-leading digital infrastructure including all-home and business fibre broadband that’s the second fastest on the planet. If a true work-life balance in a digitally-focused location matters to you, why not Choose Jersey?


corporation tax and low personal tax rates


fibre broadband to premises

0 miles

of coastland and bays


people in digital positions


4G networks






VAT on non-automated digital activities

Inward Investment

Digital Jersey provides hands on support to Digital Businesses looking to invest in Jersey. We work closely with Locate Jersey to guide and advise businesses through the process, from initial enquiry through to support with applications and we can also help in building a useful network of contacts.

Work Permit Assistance

Working with the Jersey Population Office we will advise, guide and support businesses seeking work permissions for employees, assisting with the compilation of necessary documentation and endorsements.

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Business Funding, Support & Resources

Digital Jersey supports entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses in achieving their goals. From flexible, affordable work spaces, access to a highly skilled talent pool, through to a wealth of useful connections from investors to government partners.

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The Business Relocation Journey

Working closely with Locate Jersey, Digital Jersey will support and endorse digital businesses applying for the necessary licensing permissions to operate in Jersey.

Contact Digital Jersey

Contact Digital Jersey who will bring you up to speed with the local Digital Sector and the support available to relocating businesses.

Seek professional advice

In any relocation, it is important to take third party professional advice, with regards to legal and tax matters.

Complete and submit business plan

Your application will be assessed based on innovation, market, job creation & training and scalability.

You are on your way to Jersey

After a minimum of 10 working days, our team will inform you if your application has been successful.

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