Connectivity and Network Infrastructure

Unparalleled connectivity, a world class network infrastructure and the fastest broadband speed in the world.

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Worldwide broadband speed league

Out of 200 countries worldwide, Jersey is now ranked 1st in the world for broadband speeds, above the UK, the United States and Japan.

With 100% of homes and businesses connected to a pure fibre gigabit-speed network and a guaranteed download speed of 500 megabits per second, Jersey’s connectivity is unparalleled.


World-Class Data Centres and Extensive Telecommunications Network

World-class, resilient, high-speed and high-bandwidth communication links with both the UK and France, and the ability to fully integrate with the global market economy, are just some of the reasons that leading internet retailers, international banks and global business choose Jersey as a location for their data centres.

Jersey is leading the world with the deployment of fibre to every home and business. It offers three Tier 1 Telecoms providers, three 4G networks, Island-wide gigabit, three dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) networks (NBIoT and Two LPWANs including LoRa) and a world class data centre.

Physical as well as Virtual

The Island offers a complete critical infrastructure on a micro scale, with easy access to key stakeholders, regulators, Industry and Government.

With up to 20 daily UK flights including London, Dublin, Bristol, Southampton and Manchester – Jersey is well connected for both business and leisure travel.

Key contacts
Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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