Digital Health Sandbox

The Island’s growing Digital Health sector comes from local interest in solutions to the global challenges of an ageing western demographic and its accompanying medical conditions, making it the perfect Digital Health Sandbox.

Why Choose Jersey as your Digital Health Sandbox?

The sector’s growth is aided by the Island’s strengths including an integrated health and social care service, a co-payment system that enables outcome (behavioural & revenue) experimentation and local autonomy to experiment with new technologies.

Due to the nature of Digital Health emergence as an innovative and disruptive industry, it is important to test medical applications in settings easily scalable to a global marketplace. Jersey offers an efficient platform from which to study and address medical challenges, particularly the challenges of an ageing demographic through technology such as Internet of Things applications.

Recently, the industry has benefited from synergies with the fintech sector, for example, by harnessing local skills and expertise to develop applications which improve the efficiency of administering patient records. Local firms have also had success in developing health products on Island for export abroad. This has been buoyed by a Digital Health research programme funded by grants from trusts and individuals. Another factor contributing to the sub-sector is the advent of a new hospital which will provide a unique opportunity for the Island to develop a state-of-the-art facility incorporating the latest technology and a showcase for innovative, contemporary patient care.

This groundswell of activity in the Digital Health sector is materialising into a multitude of projects helping to drive industry growth. Digital Jersey and its partners are actively trying to develop relationships with technology providers including Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Samsung, and medical leaders such as the NHS, HSCiC, Digital Health Oxford, InterSystems, EMIS Health, The Royal College of Nursing and the Nursing Midwifery Council.

Digital Health Adviser, Andrew Frith, highlights what makes Sandbox Jersey the ideal solution for those looking for a digital health testbed.

Use Cases

When testing your Digital Health product or service in Sandbox Jersey, you will have access to an impressive range of services, facilities and organisations, with dedicated support at every step of the way.

Soulgenic App

Soulgenic has positioned itself at the heart of the digital health revolution, with the creation of a digital platform to help people improve their own health and wellbeing – undertaking the responsibility of joining tech with wellbeing to meet the modern, digital needs of the masses.

TSG - MediBooks

TSG’s journey into medtech innovation began a decade ago, when they designed a piece of software that would manage the income of a GP practice in the Island. Thanks to the unique connectivity and sandbox environment in Jersey, that software is now a global export product.



The Island of Jersey is a self-governing, self-regulating community of 100,000 people with excellent communication, transport and personal and professional links to the UK and wider-world. Strong government finances – among the world’s highest GDP per capita – provides for world-class public infrastructure and services:

  • 118 mobile subscriptions per 100 inhabitants
  • 100% broadband penetration for every household
  • Fastest broadband speeds in the world
  • Three independant 4G networks covering the Island
  • Three dedicated Internet of Things (IoT) networks (NBIoT and TwoLPWANs including LoRa)
  • 100% of broadband connections to schools, homes and businesses are gigabit fibre

Jersey’s healthcare system is independent from the UK or other jurisdictions, being locally established, controlled and funded. Its public services include a general hospital, subsidiary specialised hospitals and units, an Island-wide GP network, ambulance service, and secondary outreach services and facilities. Operating alongside are private sector healthcare specialist organisations providing complementary services including specialist medical treatments, long term care, home visits and dentistry.


You have access to Digital Jersey’s existing co-working spaces, the Digital Hub and Eagle Labs, soon being joined by a dedicated IoT Lab and showcase space, the Digital Jersey Xchange (DJX). We can arrange or recommend access to other facilities as required.



Jersey enjoys world-class telecommunication networks from multiple providers offering public and private fixed and wireless services. These include full 4G mobile coverage and a world-leading fibre network connected to every home and business in the Island. Multiple diversely-located data centres offer server and application hosting and back-up, along with IT and data security specialists and remote hands expertise.



Among our Sandbox Jersey partners are public, independent and private tier one organisations willing and able to provide infrastructure, knowledge and capabilities for use in your testing. We are also strongly connected to government innovative health groups focused on developing local and global digital health solutions.


Expert guidance

Through extensive relationships and support networks, we can call upon the guidance of individuals and organisations working in the field of health management and regulation, legal precedence, data protection, intellectual property, and so forth.

Development Opportunities

We can provide direct start-up support aimed at permitting you to establish and operate from Jersey if required. We can introduce providers of venture capital and facilitate discussions of joint venture support.

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There is a clear commitment to work with organisations coming to Jersey for the purposes of testing digital health concepts, products and services. Our dedicated team are here to provide support to your business throughout the entire process.

Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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