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COVID-19 Challenge

Let’s get together (virtually) and find tech solutions to #HackTheVirus !

Digital Jersey launches £30,000 funding and other support to develop tech solutions to support our community through the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis.

Please read the official rules and processes before applying.

Applications are now closed!

What is the COVID-19 Challenge?

Jersey is fortunate to have many skilled digital professionals who have shown a willingness to devote their time and skills to create tech solutions to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital Jersey will support community-led innovators to quickly build and deploy new useful products and services. To achieve this, we are offering a package of support, with access to technological experts, health professionals, Government, marketing resource and seed funding.  

Initially we invite applications for a pool of £30,000 to support projects with a big positive local impact in the short term. In partnership with Tekex and Envestors we are also working to open further channels of support for highly innovative projects which will serve to help our economy recover and flourish in the months to come.  

To be eligible for supportyour product or service must align with one of eight categories which were co-designed between Digital Jersey and the Government of Jersey to focus our collective efforts. Through this initiative we aim to facilitate and coordinate collaborative work that connects those addressing very similar problems. For this reason, we are encouraging joint applications for funding.  

Priority categories for the COVID-19 Challenge

The following categories have been developed by Government and Digital Jersey to focus energy on a blend of immediate and forward-thinking initiatives. 

Health, Wellbeing & Inclusion

  1. Promote mental health and/or physical health during the crisis 
  2. Care-giving adaptions and solutions (non-clinical) 
  3. Help people & businesses deal with sickness and death  

 Business & Economy

  1. Support non-digital businesses in accelerated digital transformation 
  2. Develop new educational services or tools for home or business use 
  3. Deliver services to isolated people and businesses 

Culture & Tourism

  1. Inspire and encourage off-islanders to travel to Jersey (once restrictions are lifted) 
  2. Develop digital and creative solutions for Jersey businesses in the Tourism sector 

Financial and Non-Financial support

Financial support

A programme budget of £30,000 has been identified for supporting local COVID-19 initiatives. 

Funds are primarily intended to cover the development and operation costs of initiativessuch as:  

  • Servers, e.g. AWS, Digital Ocean  
  • Data, e.g. mapping 
  • Microservices, e.g. voice recognition API access 
  • Hardware 
  • Media and marketing 

Funds will be awarded to initiatives which meet the guidelines in the Rules and Evaluation criteria documentsA shortlist of applications will be produced by a panel comprising local experts in Health, Technology, Economics, and Business. The shortlisted application will then do a live streamed pitch to the panel, and members of the digital community. The number and size of grants is not predetermined, and award of a grant is not guaranteed.   


Non-Financial support

Non-Financial support is available to support the development and marketing for successful initiatives from within the teams at Digital Jersey and select partners depending on the type of project. Where projects are assessed highly but can’t be accommodated by this round of funding, every effort to find alternative funding will be made. 

Through established relationships with Government and Health, Digital Jersey will collect input and channel feedback, to and from those engaged with this initiative.  This will ensure clear and consistent information to those working to deliver solutions, as well as ensuring efficient use of our colleagues’ time in Government and Health. 

Technology products

Technology products must be viable in the current regulatory and legislative environment, and include: 

  • Apps 
  • Websites 
  • Bots 
  • Physical devices  
  • Games 
  • Creative content 
  • New services 

Projects which require a significant degree of integration with public administrative or clinical systems will not be considered in this Community Challenge. Projects with a low degree of technical maturity or which concern early stage R&D will not be considered for the initial round of funding, although as ever we encourage you to get in touch with us for support on those projects. 

Targeted at the following groups: 

  • Individuals 
  • Groups 
  • Businesses 

Process and Decision Making

The Digital Jersey team are available throughout to help applicants source official information or data, collaborate with other teamshelp discover resources and talent, or provide other guidance.  


Application Process for the COVID-19 Challenge

1. Download the application form at the bottom of this page and submit it at [email protected] before 12:00:00 on 24th April 2020.

2. The panel will review applications and invite selected applicants to a moderated, public panel interview via remote conference  

  • 15 to 20minute presentation followed by questions  
  • Demos, screenshots and walkthroughs are all welcome 
  • Panel to include expert evaluators including local and international experts in Health, Technology, Economics, and Business, as well as a representative from the Digital Jersey Board. 
  • Each application will be scored against the Evaluation Criteria published on the Rules and Processes page. 

3. Awards – financial support to be reimbursed or paid by bank transfer depending on circumstance. 

4. Follow-up and Review   

Deadline and Timings

Date Action 
Friday 3rd April  Launch programme 
Friday 24th April Application deadline 
w/c 27th April Invite pitches / interviews 
w/c 4th May  Make awards 


Open to Collaboration?

We will be compiling a list of participants who would like to collaborate with other individuals. If you would like to add your profile to the list, please submit a short personal bio and project overview at [email protected]. The information provided will appear on this page.

Request a Mentor

Digital Jersey can provide Business Mentors to COVID-19 Challenge participants. A Business Mentor has experience of the day to day problems that a new Entrepreneur will come across both in starting as well as in planning and execution for a growing a business. Any conversations or materials shared with a Mentor during the COVID-19 Challenge will be considered public and not subject to confidentiality obligations.

Download The Application Form