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Digital Contact Tracing Tools for Businesses

Keeping a record of who visits your venue or business is key to supporting the Government of Jersey Covid-19 Contact Tracing team.

Digital Contact Tracing Solutions

The following digital contract tracing solutions have already been adopted by businesses in Jersey. To start using one of these contact tracing tools for your business, please get in touch with the suppliers directly via their websites using the links below.

If you have a digital solution you’d like featured on this page please get in touch with us.

Trax - collect contact details securely

Trax gives you the tools you need to collect and manage customer contact details, allowing you to comply with contact tracing requirements without having to worry or implement complex data protection procedures.

What you need to do:

      • Sign up at
      • Download your venue’s unique printable QR code to display.
      • Customers scan the QR code with their mobile phone and are directed to an online form to enter their contact details.
      • Trax then securely store the information, providing it to the contact tracing team upon request, or deleting it after 21 days.
Sign In App - smart visitor management

The secure alternative to visitor books and timesheets. Record the movement of people on site with one of the world’s fastest growing visitor management apps.

Benefit from features such as:

      • Contactless sign in
      • Deliveries
      • Pre-register visitors
      • Notifications
      • Events
      • Integrations and more

Wireless Social - Wi-Fi solution

Wireless Social have launched a track & trace add-on product to their existing Wi-Fi solution. Visitors are asked to register their name and phone number when logging onto a venue’s Wi-Fi.

Wireless Social then securely store customer’s information, providing it to the contact tracing team upon request, or deleting it after 21 days. The new track and trace product is an add-on to the Wireless Social technology which, through the power of Wi-Fi, allows brands to track customer behaviour and to understand loyalty.

If a venue has Meraki, or compatible kit, it is a simple overlay with a per access point monthly charge. If kit is required, Wireless Social send out a pre-configured router (with Track&Trace set up) that plugs into the back of your existing broadband router.

For any new customers, the first three months of their contract are free when they join Wireless Social.

To get in touch or to enquire further please contact Wireless Social direct.

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