Whether you are interested in technology, looking for career guidance, or deciding your next step in education, our growing digital tech industry has wide ranging opportunities in a variety of businesses.

How do I get there

There are lots of ways into a tech role, it’s important to find the way that is best for you.

Lets explore your options.

Careers in digital

No matter where your skills lie or what your passions in life are, there’s a place in tech for you – discover your dream digital job.

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Get work experience in Jersey

Whether it’s a summer placement, internship or work shadow scheme, or graduate placement there is a scheme to suit you.

Skills Jersey runs a number of schemes to help you gain exposure to the digital industry.

Jersey coders

If you are a teen (or the lucky parent of one) and interested in technology, please email us if you would like to join. We have lots of new mentors this term (thanks C5) and so we can take on some new members.


Events and Hackathons

Key parts of Digital Jersey such as the Digital Jersey Hub are heavily based on bringing the tech community together. This includes younger people who have and interest in one of the many facets of technology. Students are welcome to come to one of the may events that are hosted by Digital jersey both at the hub and around Jersey.

How Do I Get There?

There are lots of ways into a tech role, it’s important to find out what way is the best for you.

Lets explore your options.