Fintech and Regtech

Jersey is a world-class finance centre and with its growing technology sector and world-leading on island connectivity, it’s no surprise that the Island’s Fintech and Regtech sectors are rapidly developing.

Jersey’s Fintech Landscape

Fintech and Regtech are a natural fit for Jersey. The wealth of experience and expertise offered by Jersey’s highly-skilled financial service providers, combined with world-class infrastructure, a growing Digital sector and a robust but flexible regulatory approach, offers a compelling environment to established Regtech and Fintech companies and start-ups alike.


Jersey for Fintech

Jersey for Fintech is a collaboration between the Government of Jersey and key agencies to promote Jersey as the ideal location for fintech firms to establish, grow and flourish.

Independent Government

ensuring the enabling of Government framework

Strong Reputation

a highly regarded and well-regulated International Finance Centre

Financial Services Expertise

with access to 13,000+ finance industry professionals

Supportive Regulator

with a robust and proactive approach

Our Role

Island-wide Fintech Support

Bringing together the technology and finance sectors to foster an open dialogue about the future of financial services.

Fintech Forum

Bi-monthly meetings hosted by Digital Jersey, these groups are composed of key stakeholders from the Government of Jersey, Jersey Financial Services Commission, Jersey Finance, Industry experts and advisors. The forum has been set up to develop and drive the island wide Fintech agenda.

Fintech Community of Interest (CofI)

Run jointly by Digital Jersey and Jersey Finance the group is designed to be a cross -industry working group for parties responsible for Fintech amongst members to drive discussions across Fintech & Regtech.

Jersey for Fintech

Together, under the ‘Jersey for Fintech’ banner, Digital Jersey, Jersey Finance, Locate Jersey and industry partners are helping to raise Jerseys’ profile and grow the local fintech community by holding joint events & conferences, as well as promoting the Jersey proposition to inward investors through materials such as our ‘Jersey for Fintech’ brochure.

Jersey’s Fintech Map

Supporting statements from our Government and Agency Partners
jfl logo

Jersey Finance

“Jersey is a world-class centre for fintech. We strive to be the easiest international finance centre to do business with remotely in a digital world. We have a forward-thinking regulatory approach, which sets us apart from our competitors, and this has been vital in cementing our standing as a highly successful digital jurisdiction.

Jersey Finance is proud to work with its Members and key stakeholders in government, the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) and Digital Jersey to enhance Jersey’s reputation as a leading international finance centre for fintech.

We champion the competitive position of Jersey’s finance industry, both locally and internationally, supporting the highest regulatory standards and the most attractive products and services to suit the needs of global investors. In the fintech sector, we focus on five core pillars: fintech innovation, regtech, wealthtech, cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology, and cyber security.

Jersey Finance, which is run as a not-for-profit organisation, was formed in 2001 to represent and promote Jersey as an international financial centre (IFC) of excellence. We are funded by members of the local finance industry and the Government of Jersey, we have a presence in Jersey, Dubai, New York, Hong Kong SAR, London, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Mumbai.

Funded by members of the local finance industry and the Government of Jersey, we have a global presence with offices in Jersey, Dubai, Hong Kong and New York; representation in London, Johannesburg and Shanghai; and a virtual office in Mumbai.

We are focussed on developing a better, more certain future for businesses, for the general public at home and abroad, and for the finance industry as a whole. By working with the right people, and creating a safe and secure environment for investors, Jersey can help to grow both local and international economies.

Government of Jersey

“The Government of Jersey supports the development of fintech talent in the Island by setting the policy landscape within which fintech operates. Working closely with its external agencies, Digital Jersey, the Jersey Financial Services Commission and Jersey Finance, as well as the Population Office and Jersey Telecom, the Government helps to ensure that fintech businesses in the Island have access to world class technology infrastructure and an environment in which to grow and thrive, while providing benefits to the local economy.

Working with the JFSC, the Government of Jersey has developed a balanced approach towards fintech regulation which ensures that the highest standards of financial crime prevention and market discipline are maintained while giving innovative businesses a pragmatic space in which to test new products.” logo
jfsc logo

Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC)

“Since 2014 the JFSC has operated an innovation hub, which is a direct and dedicated point of contact for start-ups and existing businesses that are developing or implementing innovative products and/or services in the finance sector. The JFSC’s innovation hub provides help and guidance to businesses that want to know more about Jersey’s regulatory framework and how it applies to emerging technologies and business models.

Working closely with key stakeholders such as the Government of Jersey, local industry bodies, Digital Jersey and Jersey Finance Limited, the JFSC helps to make sure that the Island is well placed to respond quickly to innovation in financial services. As well as collaborating with stakeholders in Jersey, the JFSC monitors global Fintech developments by engaging with international organisations including the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Global Financial Innovation Network (GFiN). Through this international engagement, the JFSC can consider any regulatory implications, prepare any amendments to the local regulatory framework and engage in a meaningful and timely way with Jersey’s financial services community. Equally, it gives the JFSC the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded regulators and industry bodies across the world.”

Fintech Innovation in Jersey

Biometrics, Blockchains and Bots

Dave Birch, Digital Jersey’s Fintech Special Adviser

Artifical Intelligence: An Open World

A short film produced by Jersey Finance on artificial intelligence including insights from a selection of member firms, partners and businesses on-Island.

Crypto - Where are we now and what's next for Jersey?

Chris Griffin, Partner at Carey Olsen, examines where are we now with crypto and what's next for Jersey?

The changing landscape for capital formation

Rus Newton, Head of Research & System Development at Global Advisors examines the changing landscape for capital formation.

Asset management challenges faced by cryptocurrency hedge funds

Lewis Fellas, Chief Investment Officer at Bletchley Park discusses the asset management challenges faced by cryptocurrency hedge funds.

Binance ecosystem - global overview and outlook

Ted Lin, Chief Growth Officer at Binance examines the Binance ecosystem including a global overview and future outlook.

The right risk: The institutional investor perspective

Sandra Alzetta, Chief Product Officer at Koine Finance presents "The right risk: The institutional investor perspective."

Demystification of blockchain, application in finance sector

Steve Pomret, CEO at Cygnetise, explores the applications of blockchain in the finance sector.

Financial Innovation - how much is really relevant to customers?

Nick Ogden, Executive Chairman at ClearBank, explores how much of financial innovation is really relevant to customers?

Biometrics and the power of magical thinking

Paul Makin, Financial Technology and Identity Consultant at Trover, presents his talk on biometrics in fintech.

How to drive customer-centric digital innovation in financial services

Diana Biggs, Head of Digital Innovation for UK & Europe at HSBC, discusses how to drive customer-centric digital innovation in financial services.

Bots & machine learning - application in finance

Terry Cordeiro, Applied Science & Intelligent Products at Lloyds Banking Group, explores the application of bots and machine learning in finance.

Our integrated island testbed

The opportunity to develop, test, and launch new innovative products, without the high cost and complex legal, government and regulatory barriers faced in other cities or markets such as London.

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