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Start-up Support

Jersey is the perfect place to launch your start-up business. Our start-up initiative supports entrepreneurs who are looking to launch innovative, scalable and tech-driven businesses.


Minute flight from London


People in digital positions


Gigabit fibre to the premises


Tax environment

Why choose Jersey for your start-up business

Jersey offers a great environment to launch and grow your start-up. The Island is home to a vibrant network of tech organisations, entrepreneurs and investors, forming a thriving community for business, collaboration and growth.

Don’t just take our word for it – Dan Hare worked closely with the Digital Jersey Start-up Support team when building his start-up, Continuum. With access to invaluable resources including the Digital Jersey Hub co-working space, a skilled local workforce and a network of like-minded individuals, Dan advocates that Jersey was the perfect place for him to build his start-up.

Jersey's unique benefits

Jersey offers unique benefits, not just for businesses but also for achieving a sustainable work-life balance. With unrivalled connectivity, world-leading broadband speeds, a digitally-focused economy, vibrant culture and stunning natural surroundings, Jersey is the ideal location for you and your business.

Some of the many benefits include:

Seamless Connectivity

100% of broadband connections are gigabit fibre to the premises with guaranteed download speeds of 250 megabits per second

A highly developed network infrastructure

3 x 4G networks

3 x dedicated IoT networks (NBIoT and two LPWANs including LoRa)

Favourable Tax Structure

Favourable tax regime with low personal tax rates, a 0/10 corporate tax regime, and no capital gains tax

Good health and education system

A top class education system and comprehensive health service

Connected to the World

36 daily flights from more than 20 airports across the UK and Europe including 14 daily flights to London

Culture & Lifestyle

A great work-life balance is truly achievable in Jersey. Our unique European-style culture, stunning beaches and world-renowned cuisine offer the perfect contrast to a hard day’s work in the Island’s thriving international business centre.

Multiple co-working spaces

With two Island Hubs providing well equipped co-working spaces for local businesses and those in the technology and IoT space, Digital Jersey provide inventive and inspiring environments for digital entrepreneurs.

Dedicated Support

We understand that your business is not the only important thing to consider, also providing expert advice on housing, schools and family life.

Dedicated Start-up Support

Digital Jersey works closely with our local government partners and our network of industry experts to ensure that your start-up business is supported every step of the way.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from Jersey or EU / EEA citizens who have a start-up business from early seed to early stage (approximately 3 years or less). Your company must be operating in any digital or technology sector, with a fast growth potential and willing to create local employment.

Some examples of start-up business sectors who have benefitted from our support are:

    • Tech start-ups
    • Fintech start-ups
    • IoT start-ups
    • Digital Health start-ups
    • Digital marketing and web start-ups
Living and Working in Jersey

Jersey has it’s own independent government, which means that work and housing laws are unique to the Island.

Digital Jersey work closely with our partners to ensure that your start-up and its employees have the relevant work and housing permissions as part of our Start-up Support scheme.

There are four categories of residential status in Jersey. These are important to consider when filling out the Organisation Structure section of your Start-up Support application form.

Digital Jersey can support you to get a business license with associated licensed work permissions for yourself and/or your business partners. Depending on your business plan, you will be eligible for a ‘licensed’ work permission which entitles you to only lease property or a ‘licensed’ work permission which entitles you to buy, sell or lease any property. If you require any employees they would be entitled to work in Jersey.

Please note that the business license and associated work permissions will be reviewed in 3 years by our regulator.

Launch your start-up in Jersey
Check eligibility

1. Your Start-up must have a technological or digital focus.
2. Your business should have a maximum of two Jersey or EU / EEA citizens involved in the enterprise.
3. Your start-up should be no older than 3 years in operation.

Submit business plan

Your application will be reviewed by the Digital Jersey team who will provide feedback within 5 working days based on the following criteria:
1. Business innovation
2. Product/service scalability
3. Market size and potential
4. Applicant skills, expertise and education
5. Create local employment

Evaluation and feedback

If your business is eligible to receive dedicated start-up support you will need to:


  • Start-up Support Application Form


  • To register as a Sole Trader/Partnership, complete the
    Business Licence Application Form (NB 01 V1).
  • To register as a Limited Liability company, complete the
    Business Licence Application Form (CHWL 01)

    Businesses must be registered with the Jersey Financial Services Commission Companies Registry. If you wish to form a Jersey ‘Limited’ company and are currently resident outside of Jersey, a local professional service provider can act on your behalf.

  • Reserve your business name
  • Register your business name
  • To get started on launching your business in Jersey, please click the button below to access the Start-up Support application.



    “The Digital Jersey Hub was the perfect platform for us to launch Snap.  The super fast Wi-Fi, the regular events and of course the free coffee has provided the perfect working environment for a digital start-up.   This is where we decided join forces and build our own business.”

    Tom Le Sueur, CEO, Snap
    Samuel Bullock, Creative Director, Snap



    “Digital Jersey has been key for me to bring finivity forward. Their network helped myself, my clients and their business partners to successfully expand their activities. But not only the virtual network, but also providing a physical presence, “the Hub”, is essential for the island’s tech community. Giving local companies the space to meet and exchange ideas is really a driving force behind the current growth of the Jersey tech industry. The team behind DJ is amazing. They really focus on making Jersey a pearl in the tech world. I am deeply grateful to be part of this, and to have the chance to grow with them.”

    Joachim Merten, Managing Partner, finivity


    “Being able to work from the Hub’s co-working space has been hugely valuable for me as a start-up.  It’s provided not only a very well appointed workspace and facilities at low cost, but most importantly an opportunity to mix with like-minded people, with a hugely diverse mix of skills and experience.  Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey, but in the hub I work alongside people in the same position. Every day I meet someone new, learn something new, and the ideas, energy and collaborations that have resulted have helped me enormously on that journey and helped shape the development of my business.”

    Henry Burton, CEO, Artelligen



    “TEKEX is a Tech and Creative community with the sole purpose of investigating, connecting and funding businesses in and beyond Jersey to help boost deal flow and support the digital community in Jersey. It has an entrepreneurial focus linking funding, expertise and networks within businesses. We work with Digital Jersey to help feed the business flow and support the digital community and tech arena locally. We are grateful for this link”

    Edward Prow, Founder, TEKEX
    Andy Jarrett, Founder, TEKEX


    “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with start-ups and entrepreneurs in this fantastic initiative. I know first-hand the benefit of having access to a mentor has helped me on many occasions to see a way out through the haze and provide some clarity and balance.”

    Aaron Chatterley, Founder, Feelunique

    Next Steps

    Our Start-up Support Team is here to help and we will stay in contact during each key stage of the process. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Digital Jersey support team member if you have any questions throughout this process or require any additional guidance.

    Request a call back