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Start-up Support

The start-up support scheme is aimed at entrepreneurs within the EEA who wish to launch an innovative, scalable and tech-driven business in Jersey.


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About the start-up support scheme

The scheme will allow up to 20 highly skilled international entrepreneurs, and residents without Entitled status, to establish a digital business on-island, with dedicated support from Digital Jersey, Locate Jersey, and the Population Office.

The purpose of this initiative is to support and accelerate the growth of Jersey’s Digital Sector and harness the potential of non-qualified residents to develop sustainable, diverse and innovative small businesses.


Who can apply?

Digitally or technology focused start-up companies with up to two EEA citizens involved can apply. Some examples of start-up companies who are eligible to apply are as follows:

  • Tech start-ups
  • Fintech start-ups
  • IoT start-ups
  • Health tech start-ups
  • Digital Health start-ups

Applicants will need to show high levels of digital skills and education, as well as a credible business plan.

Additional start-up support

As part of the start-up on-boarding process, successful applicants will also be given the following support:

  1. Dedicated desk space in the Digital Hub or the Barclays’ Eagle Lab, £100 per month
  2. Access to services, events and training sessions provided by Jersey Business, Digital Jersey etc.
  3. Access to a senior mentor to support the start-up’s growth
  4. Access to grant funding from economic delivery agents
  5. A “Soft Landing Pack” to help foreign start-ups relocating to Jersey
Launch your start-up in Jersey
Check eligibility

1. A maximum of 2 people involved in start-up
2. The Start-up is engaged in Research, Development and Innovation
3. Salary or dividend of less than £65k per FTE per annum
4. Comply with the standard definition of a start-up

Submit business plan

Your application will be considered based on the following:
1. Business innovation
2. Product/service scalability
3. Market size & potential
4. Applicant skills, expertise & education

Evaluation and feedback

Digital Jersey will provide feedback on the submitted business plan, supporting the applicant to position their plans with the benefit of local knowledge.

Submit business license application

To register as a Sole Trader/Partnerships complete the Business Licence Application Form (NB 01 V1).

To register as a Limited Liability company, complete the Business Licence Application Form (CHWL 01). Companies can engage a company service provider to incorporate your business with the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

If you are confident that your start-up fulfils the necessary criteria, please click the button below to submit your application.

Guidance for applications

Please note that the Digital Jersey team will use their policy and industry knowledge to establish whether you meet the necessary criteria to be endorsed by Digital Jersey. Please contact Locate Jersey if you are an established non-digital business-



Start-up Jersey is for entrepreneurs within the EEA (European Economic Area). Up to two EEA citizens can submit a business plan together on this website, if their business plan is approved by Digital Jersey both parties will be issued with housing and working rights. Please note that EEA citizen do not need Visa permissions in Jersey due to the EU rules governing the free movement of persons and services.

Start-up Jersey is for innovative, scalable and tech-driven businesses with a clear growth potential. The enterprise or individual must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • A maximum of two people involved in the enterprise.
  • The enterprise is engaged in Research, Development and Innovation.
  • Salary or dividends of less than £65K per FTE per annum (or has not previously distributed profits).
  • The stage of the enterprise must be one of the below:
    • Early seed
    • Pre-launch
    • Pre-revenue
    • Newly incorporated or operating for less than two years
    • Early stage (operating for between two and three years) with fast growth potential


Digital Jersey will evaluate the applicant’s business plan on the following criteria.


Digital Jersey is looking for cutting-edge business models that seize an opportunity and accelerate the development of a new market or industry. Applications are evaluated in terms of their level of innovation and introduction of new products, services or processes within their field.


When evaluating the attractiveness of a market, Digital Jersey will focus on market size, commercial potentials and barriers to entry. Additionally, Digital Jersey will evaluate the level of competition in the market and how applicants plan to enter and address the market.

Applicant Experience, Skills & Education

Applicants need to not only conceive a great business model, but must also be capable of building a successful business in practice. Therefore, Digital Jersey will assess whether applicants have the skills, competencies and experience needed to turn their business plan into a viable venture.


Digital Jersey selects start-ups with a clear potential to create jobs and growth in Jersey. For this reason, Digital Jersey values scalability. Hence, it should be demonstrated that the business model is built to scale up, that it is highly expandable, and that it represents a significant growth potential.

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