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Sponsored by KPMG, the 2019 Envirohack Hackathon was a 2-day, 41-hour, blitz of digital and technological innovation as 12 teams developed new or better solutions to environmental issues both locally and globally.

A look back at the 2019 Envirohack Hackathon

Each year the aim of our annual hackathon is to inspire and encourage experimentation with technology and – most importantly – for everyone to learn and have fun.

Taking inspiration from the global conversation around climate change and the environment our 2019 hackathon had an environmental focus for 2019 with participants challenged to finding new or better solutions to problems related to the environment.

This event was open to everyone, whether or not they consider themselves a “techie”. All that was needed was an open mind and enthusiasm for the transformative power of technology.

The event took place over two days at the Digital Jersey Exchange as 50 individuals in 12 teams worked around the clock for 41 hours straight – designing, building, creating and innovating, in the hopes of being crowned the Envirohack champions.

As an added bonus, our fantastic sponsors KPMG Jersey, offered up a whopping £2,000 grand prize for our deserving winners.


Envirohack 2019 Winners


The winners were Nexus’ team Carbon Footer-Print, who harnessed the power of the social nudge, creating a dynamic, data-driven virtue signalling email footer for gamifying your environmental impact.

In 2nd place was Fitvo with their Out of the Box prototype, in 3rd place were the Jersey Coding course graduates, Coders with EnviroHero and there were two commendations: Team Sleepy with their floating electrostatic microplastic sieve for removing microplastic from our seas, and Paul Blampied, who proved that working alone could still produce amazing results – a portable air quality sensor.


Our 2019 Envirohack Winners
Our 2019 Sponsors

Nexus, Carbon Footer-Print


2nd Place

Fitvo, Out of the Box


3rd Place

Coders, EnviroHero


Our sponsors

Thank you to our Envirohack 2019 sponsors KPMG Jersey, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to host such an incredible event.

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