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Connect with Local Talent

Digital Jersey’s Internship Programme provides a unique opportunity to connect with students eager to launch their careers in the digital and tech sectors. By offering internships, you gain access to a motivated talent pool and help shape the next generation of industry professionals.

Please note this programme is open to Digital Jersey Enterprise and Small Business members only.

Why Participate?

  • Contribute to Jersey’s economy: Our programme is a great opportunity to contribute to Jersey’s economy while accessing fresh, local talent.
  • Flexible Internship Duration: Internships last a minimum of 6 weeks, giving you the flexibility to determine a longer duration if it suits your business needs.
  • Paid Opportunities: All internships in the programme must pay at least the living wage, ensuring a fair compensation for the work provided by the interns.
  • Employment Details: Interns are employees of your business, not of Digital Jersey. You maintain full control over the internship experience.
  • Promotion for your business: opportunities to feature in Digital Jersey blogs, case studies, social media promotion and more – highlighting your contribution and impact

Added Benefits for Interns

By participating, your interns gain more than just work experience. They receive:

  • Access to the Digital Jersey Hub: During the internship, they can use our flexible, co-working facilities, providing a collaborative and inspiring environment.
  • Free Courses: Interns can attend any of our Digital Jersey courses, expanding their skills and networks.

Join Digital Jersey’s Internship Programme!

If your business is ready to support the future of Jersey’s digital and tech workforce while gaining valuable insights from enthusiastic students, submit an internship today. Let’s work together to create opportunities for local talent and help your business thrive.