Cyber Digital Systems Ltd. (CYDISYS)

Cyber Digital Systems (or CYDISYS for short) is a limited company registered in Jersey and established in 2011. CYDISYS propose freelance software development services to companies and individuals wishing to bring new technological solutions to the market requiring either a custom desktop development, a cloud platform, web hosting, full or part project management, server and security management, smartphone app or legacy software upgrade as well as take over existing or legacy development projects.

The company is led by Fred Meyer who is a software developer with over 20 years’ experience in delivering custom solutions. From initial project study to final delivery and on-going support as well as back-end management, Cyber Digital Systems will handle all your needs under one roof. We have worked with clients to help them achieve ISO 27001 Information Security Seal by providing the required security and development required as well as having advance experience in making sure our solutions are GDPR compliant.

Our past and current experiences in delivering dozens of smartphone apps as well as custom cloud-based developments, websites and providing on-going support backed by excellent references means that we are essentially contracted by “word of mouth” recommendations.