SmarterStays is a tech-enabled serviced accommodation company that offers consistent, high-quality stays in prime city locations. Leveraging advanced technology and an innovative Rent to Serviced Accommodation strategy, we are revolutionising the hospitality industry. Our accommodations are furnished with smart tech, ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, automated heating systems, and voice-controlled amenities to enhance the guest experience. Our model allows us to scale with less capital, focusing on renting properties in sought-after urban locations rather than making outright purchases. We’re not just another platform; we are a service provider, aiming to outperform individual hosts in consistency and quality. Our key target is to provide an experience that is more convenient and reliable than booking with an unpredictable Airbnb host. SmarterStays’ vision is to become a recognizable brand in the serviced accommodation space, assuring guests of the quality, consistency, and smart convenience they’ll receive every time they book a stay with us.