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Sandbox Jersey Membership

Sandbox Jersey members can have access to benefits tailored to help you get the most of working in Jersey.

What does Sandbox Jersey Offer?
Sanbox Jersey Membership
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Access to an alliance of local tier one organisations, whose advanced infrastructure, knowledge and capabilities is available for running test scenarios.
Use of an unsurpassed range of wireless and fixed networks, fully 4G enabled, fibre to every home and business, dedicated IoT networks, along with advanced data lab facilities.
Access to Digital Jersey’s shared workspaces the DJ Hub, DJX (a dedicated IoT Lab) and soon to be joined by DJA our brand new digital skills academy.
Introductions to firms that can provide the support and guidance of world-class regulators, legislators, legal and compliance experts.
Opportunities for joint-venture approaches, start-up support, introduction to venture capital, licence application, premises establishment.
Committed relationship management from enquiry to testing and beyond.
Why do organisations use a Sandbox?
  • Organisations developing new technologies, applications or devices need to move from concept to lab to market in the smoothest possible way, arriving in the latter with a tried, tested and honed proposition.
  • The transition from lab to market can be a challenging one, seeking to ensure that what works in theory will meet rigorous standards of infrastructure, regulations and laws, and high expectations of real-life customers.
  • While options for testing propositions exist, in a laboratory or controlled environment for example, through artificial simulation or virtual environments, best results come through a field trial, through using a real life ‘sandbox’.
  • SandBox Jersey is the definitive real-life testing environment for technologies, applications and devices, along with ideas, concepts and capabilities.