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Become a Mentor

Why should you become a mentor?

Strengthen leadership skills

Being a mentor will help develop your ability to motivate others and provide the opportunity to sharpen your emotional radar by working with people outside of your usual work environment. Plus, the more you work at leadership and management on a one-to-one basis, the more you’ll improve in larger group settings.


Develop the next generation of entrepreneurs

Sharing your knowledge and expertise is truly rewarding, especially when you get the chance to see the result of your oversight. You probably remember a teacher, coach or former boss that inspired you to become the person you are today – now it’s your chance to do that for somebody else.


Gain new perspectives and expand your knowledge

Being a mentor is a great opportunity to learn from your mentee and put your finger on the pulse of a younger generation. Although you’ll have more industry experience, a mentee will have fresh insights into the latest trends technologies, and practices. New perspectives in business can be hard to come by.

An amazing mentor will ask really good questions, listen, probe some more and discuss the situation and/or share a similar experience they may have gone through in the past, what they did, and what worked and did not work. If you recognise yourself in this description and would like to become a mentor, whether you are interested in a short or long-term program, please fill out the mentor application form.

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