Bootcamp 2024: Introducing BlockWise, with Nathan de la Haye

Posted: 04/04/2024

Meet Nathan de la Haye, who is entering the 2024 Digital Jersey Start-up Bootcamp with his blockchain education platform, BlockWise.

Below, he explains the current knowledge gap regarding blockchain in the financial services industry, as well as discussing why Jersey is the perfect place to incubate a start-up.

What is your business idea?  

BlockWise is an online blockchain education platform, offering bespoke courses, tailored to specific industries, to enable businesses to capitalise on this growing sector. 


What sparked your initial idea? 

Having worked with digital assets on an institutional level for the past few years, the growing demand for exposure to digital assets and the wider blockchain technology was very evident. Throughout this period, I saw businesses that were eager to enter this sector struggling to upskill staff and the drawbacks that caused on progressing the business as desired. Combining this knowledge with a thorough enjoyment for education and helping businesses develop, BlockWise was a no-brainer.     


What problem are you aiming to solve? 

I’m focused on solving a multifaceted problem in the financial services industry, where blockchain technology presents both a significant opportunity and a complex challenge. The core issue lies in the lack of specialized education and understanding of blockchain and digital assets among professionals in this sector. My goal is to bridge this knowledge gap by offering bespoke online courses tailored specifically to the needs and roles within financial services businesses. 

This specialized approach not only facilitates the exploration and adoption of blockchain technology but also ensures that the education provided is directly relevant and immediately applicable to their profession. 

Ultimately, by equipping professionals with specialized skills in blockchain and digital assets, I aim to provide them with a competitive advantage that can unlock new opportunities and position their businesses at the forefront of this growing sector. 


Who is your target audience? 

My target audience primarily consists of financial services businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology and digital assets. These businesses may include banks, investment firms, and accountants, among others. BlockWise offers tailored courses catered to professionals within these organizations who are responsible for a range of functions, spanning strategic decision-making, regulatory compliance, technology implementation, and innovation. 

Additionally, my offerings extend to government entities, and regulatory bodies seeking to understand and regulate blockchain technology and its applications in various sectors. These stakeholders play a crucial role in fostering responsible innovation within the blockchain space. 


Which tech entrepreneurs are you inspired by?  

I would say that I am most inspired by the entrepreneurs who I would consider ‘visionaries’ and have made real positive impacts with their work.  The name that immediately comes to mind is Nikola Tesla, but I suppose more modern examples would include Jack Dorsey and Hal Finney who have been able to make huge social impacts in their work, and are both obvious blockchain pioneers (and in Hal Finney’s case maybe more…)  


What is your background?  

I have spent the last ~4 years working at a local digital asset firm with a heavy institutional focus. And I spent the 4 years before that obtaining a master’s degree in biotechnology & microbiology from York University. Throughout this period, I have had various small ventures, mainly centred around e-commerce, ranging from selling artwork to plant pots. 

My professional journey, coupled with entrepreneurial ventures in e-commerce, has equipped me with a useful blend of knowledge in blockchain technology, financial services, and business acumen. 


Why do you think Jersey is a great place to incubate your start-up? 

I think Jersey is actually the perfect place to incubate a start-up.  

With resources like Digital Jersey, the island provides brilliant facilities and infrastructure tailored to the needs of burgeoning businesses. Plus, the island’s tight-knit community means there’s always someone willing to lend a hand or share insights over a coffee.  

And then there’s the obvious perks of island life, like the ability to be swimming in the sea ~30mins after you finish work. 


Which part of Bootcamp are you most excited about?  

I’m most excited about the immersive nature of being based at Digital Jersey during the Bootcamp. The opportunity to interact with everyone there, including fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and business experts, is incredibly valuable. I’m eager to engage with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and build connections within the supportive community. Additionally, I look forward to the structure and accountability provided by the program, which will undoubtedly prove invaluable in keeping me focused on achieving my goals. 

As part of his project, Nathan is asking Digital Jersey’s network to complete this short survey about blockchain adoption.

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