Bootcamp 2024: Introducing ExpertPlatform.AI, with Kristin Morris

Posted: 26/03/2024

Meet Kristin Morris, who is entering the 2024 Digital Jersey Start-up Bootcamp with her knowledge management platform, ExpertPlatform.AI.

Below, she explains her passion for enabling entrepreneurs to achieve success online, and growing the alternative economy, via technology.

What is your business idea? is a knowledge management tool for coaches, consultants, and online service providers to run their online businesses. The platform provides all the tools they need to run their business in one place such as:  website, email service provider, social media scheduling, calendar management, CRM, advanced analytics, sales pages, payment provider, gated content, and more.

The unique feature of Expert Platform is the AI features. All of the content that the user uploads into the platform will be used to create an AI clone of themselves to help them run their business and create their content more efficiently. Each user has a unique clone, that can also be trained in best business and marketing practices by the central database.


What problem are you aiming to solve?

I believe that anyone can create a profitable online business by monetising their skills and knowledge. I would love to see more growth in this alternative economy. More entrepreneurs leverage technology to build businesses that give them time and location freedom. I want to build the technology to enable them.


What’s your target audience?

The target audience is online service-based entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators, and consultants globally who are looking to sell knowledge-based content and training. The global market for coaching is projected to grow to $2.56 Billion business by 2028.


What sparked your initial idea?

I am a Business and Marketing Strategist who helps service-based entrepreneurs grow their online businesses. I help my clients get back more time while growing their revenue by creating leveraged scalable offers. This involves an element of selling pre-recorded content and automating certain sales processes in their business. Having tried many of the solutions on the market, I know what features I would like to have to run my business and have identified a gap in the market. 


Which tech entrepreneurs are you inspired by? 

I would have to say, Whitney Wolfe Herd, founder of Bumble. She was instrumental in the success of Tinder and then left after a sexual harassment lawsuit, went on to create Bumble, a dating website where women make the first move.


What is your background?

I am a Business and Marketing Strategist helping online service-based entrepreneurs to grow and scale their online businesses. I work primarily with Coaches, Consultants, and Course Creators helping them to create their offers, sales systems, and marketing.


Why do you think Jersey is a great place to incubate your start-up?

Jersey provides a great infrastructure for starting up a tech business. Digital Jersey does a great job, not only with the training they provide, but the talent and businesses that they have attracted to the island. I have been lucky enough to complete a six-month coding program with DJ back in 2018 as well as a 12-week Digital Marketing program -both of which have been fully funded and now the Start-up Bootcamp.  During the bootcamp so far, I have met some incredible people and have been able to develop and expand on my original idea.


Which part of Bootcamp are you most excited about? 

I am most excited about attending the workshops and learning from the best in the industry. The program is so well-rounded and has a great line of speakers and topics. I am currently about half-way through the program and I have learned so much.

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