Jersey’s political hopefuls give their views on Digital issues

Posted: 01/05/2018

Digital Jersey has launched the island’s first digital hustings. Questions were posed by Members of the organisation to all candidates ahead of the election taking place May 16th.

Over 20 candidates stepped forward to take part, answering a set of questions via video; these clips are now available online for everyone to watch at

Tony Moretta, CEO Digital Jersey, said, “When you consider where you would like Jersey’s economy to be in 5, 10 even 20 years’ time, it’s essential that our digital sector is at the forefront of Government’s agenda. Technology is disrupting all parts of our daily lives so we wanted to allow candidates the opportunity to voice their opinions in this area”.

The digital hustings follow the launch of the organisation’s digital manifesto at its Annual Review in January, a document which outlines the most pressing issues facing the future growth of the sector.

Manifesto aims include:

  • Strategy & Leadership – Cooperation between public and private sector leadership, working together through Digital Jersey
  • Investment in local innovation – Create the right conditions for any digital business to start and grow
  • Technology Education & Skills – Implement a ‘digital skills pathway’ to improve and enhance the delivery of higher education digital skills delivery
  • An inclusive digital society – ensure all in society can benefit from the opportunities offered through technology
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