JT strengthens its fraud prevention expertise with Spectrum acquisition

Posted: 19/02/2024

JT has expanded its Mobile Intelligence offerings by acquiring Spectrum Message Services, an Australian-based company.

Spectrum specialises in combining mobile communications platforms with anti-fraud and payment systems and has global partnerships with top-tier transactional software and service solution providers.

Spectrum’s flagship product, MoneyGuard, is a mobile alert system that’s used to process transactions for more than 120 million consumers worldwide using cards, accounts and other electronic payment forms. It’s been designed to help financial institutions fight fraud by alerting and communicating with customers through SMS, mobile apps, email and voice.

JT plans to seamlessly integrate MoneyGuard into its existing portfolio, enhancing its ability to protect customers from financial fraud and identity theft.

Daragh McDermott, CEO of JT Group, commented: “JT Group’s vision is to connect our customers, and this strategic acquisition perfectly aligns with our commitment to using data-driven solutions to combat financial fraud. MoneyGuard’s innovative features complement our existing Mobile Intelligence portfolio, bolstering our ability to provide effective communication channels in the dynamic world of financial transactions.”

Gerard Vos, Managing Director of Spectrum, added: “This marks an exciting chapter for MoneyGuard. Our shared vision for combining mobile alert systems with mobile intelligence aligns perfectly, and we look forward to contributing to its further growth by adding our expertise to JT’s initiatives in combating fraud whilst improving the overall customer experience.”

With the addition of MoneyGuard to its product portfolio, JT has solidified its position as a leader in Mobile Intelligence, combining expertise and solutions to create a more secure digital future.

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