Do you want to be a business leader or entrepreneur of the future? Would you like to study for a qualification and gain practical experience that is highly in demand across a wide range of industries? Are you looking for an alternative to university, taught by world leading academics and industry practitioners?

If so the Digital Leadership Programme, delivered at the brand new Digital Jersey Academy could be for you.

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What is the Digital Leadership Programme?

The Digital Leadership Programme is a cutting-edge qualification with real career opportunities, sponsored and approved by industry and run at the brand new Digital Jersey Academy.

The course will equip you with the capabilities, skills and real-world experience necessary to build a rewarding career, or start your own business, across the digital sector.

Who is this course for?

This course will suit students who are creative, self-organised, committed to hard work, are starter-finishers and can work independently or as part of a team on demanding projects to meet tight deadlines. We are looking for students who have excellent literacy skills, can interpret and present a wide range of detailed data and are willing to learn new skills whilst working with new people.

If you consider yourself to be innovative, and someone who aspires to be a leader in the world’s future digital sector, or an entrepreneur creating new ideas and solutions for the digital sector, then this is the course for you.

Career prospects

Businesses are becoming more dependent ‭on digital technology and require teams of digitally-skilled, innovative minds.

The current digital talent shortage has affected organisations across every industry. As a graduate of the Digital Leadership Programme, you will be equipped with the most in-demand digital skills, allowing you to capitalise on the vast array of career opportunities available.


Career Outlook

  • Earn a 25% higher salary on average, in your first year after graduating, than with any other degree.


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Recognised Industry Qualifications

On completion of the Programme, you’ll receive four highly sought-after industry qualifications:

  • Diploma in Digital Leadership – Level 6
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) – Level 6 – Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – Level 6 – Award in Leadership and Management

Level 6 qualifications are at a level equivalent to bachelor degrees with honours, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas.

course structure and learning options

Subjects Covered Within the Course

  • Digital Marketing
  • Management and Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Content creation (including video and podcast creation)
  • Influencer marketing
  • Technology and web development
  • App development
  • Global business

Full syllabus will be published here shortly

You’ll be trained by world leading professionals in the brand-new Digital Jersey Academy facility, with 50% of your time spent learning and 50% of your time spent on real-world projects that can form part of your future career and help you reinforce what you’ve learnt.

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Learning Options

2 Year Full-time Degree-equivalent Programme
Ideal for school-leavers, graduates or those seeking full-time education
(Obtain all 4 qualifications)

2 Year Apprenticeship Programme
Ideal for those who are already in the workplace and looking to up-skill
(Obtain 2 qualifications)

2 Year Part-time Apprenticeship Programme
Ideal for those who are already in the workplace and looking to up-skill
(Obtain 2 qualifications)

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Industry Endorsement

Feel Unique

“As a Jersey grown digital business we’re always looking for digital skills. We employ over 100 people in digital roles. From our Jersey office, we see the Digital Leadership Programme as a step change in digital skills locally and look forward to welcoming the first graduate soon.”

-Aaron Chatterly
Board Member and Co-Founder of Feel Unique – the biggest online retailer in Europe.

The Potting Shed Design

“So many young talented individuals leave the island to study digital courses and end up staying once they find work, the Digital Leadership Programme will be a game changer for students and creative businesses alike.

Having a whole new group of students in the digital industry on our doorstep, we can collaborate, learn from and even one day look to recruit is a whole new level of awesome.”

Ed Prow
Managing Director at The Potting Shed Design, a multi award-winning, full-service creative design & digital agency.


Ed Prow
Charlotte Valeur headshot

Board Apprentice Global

“The idea of inspiring and guiding an influx of talented people from different backgrounds to take on board positions is the heart of what Board Apprentice does.

From the Digital Leadership Programme will come a whole new cohort of leaders who are digitally informed and aware, and will widen the pool of individuals who could one day sit on the board of a company. This is a huge step forward for Jersey as it will help to raise ‘home grown’ talent that could go on to break the traditional board member mould and bring new knowledge, insight and diversity to the table.”

– Charlotte Valeur
Founder and Chair of Board Apprentice Global.



“Pinpoint is a local business that we’re growing globally. The level of talent we are looking for unfortunately isn’t currently being raised on island, the Digital Leadership Programme is the first of its kind for Jersey and will be instrumental in fulfilling recruitment needs locally.”

– Tom Hacquoil
Co-Founder and CEO at Pinpoint.




“My ultimate goal in my work and personal life is return on investment. Investment is not just monetary though, it’s about putting something in to get something greater out, and this is how I see the Digital Leadership Programme. I see the programme as a massive opportunity for both students and industry. Students will be able to study on island for industry relevant skills where employment opportunities are ever growing.”

– Mark Evans
Marketing Director at Webreality.

Digital Jersey Academy

Whether you are interested in technology, looking for career guidance, or deciding your next step in education, the Digital Jersey Academy has a wide range of training opportunities to suit your needs.

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