Data Trusts and Data Stewardship Services

As the AI & data revolution unfolds, global demand for structures to hold data will grow.  Jersey is uniquely positioned to be the leading jurisdiction for data stewardship services through the administration of data trusts and data foundations.

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What are Jersey Data Trusts?

A Jersey data trust is a legal structure operated by a regulated trustee to hold and maintain data (or the rights to data) from multiple data providers and create value from the combined database and associated insights by sharing with third party data users according to the purposes of the trust.

Why a Jersey Data Trust?

The global economy is thirsty for data, with businesses, public bodies, organisations and individuals increasingly looking to share or access data and insights across multiple parties.


A Jersey data trust is a flexible, streamlined structure which can be used to easily pool data from and share with multiple parties, removing the need for complex multi-party data sharing agreements. The trust is administered (and associated data stewarded) by an independent, regulated trustee. Data governance rules can be baked into the trust’s activities through its purposes. In addition, access to the data can be monetised in order to grow the value of the trust and reward the data providers and other stakeholders.


The applications of data trusts are numerous: From reducing the cost of property development, through monetising copyright works for generative AI training to enabling life-saving pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

What are we doing?

Digital Jersey is championing the data trust sector in Jersey.  We are leading the LifeCycle data trust pilot project which has established the world’s first legally constituted data trust, and are supporting the local trust sector and technology firms to collaborate and grow the local skills base for administering data trusts and foundations.

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