Data Stewardship Services

As the AI & data revolution unfolds global demand for third party data stewardship services will grow. Jersey is uniquely positioned to become a leading jurisdiction for data stewardship services.

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What are Data Stewardship Services?

The term data stewardship has been in use by the technical community for decades and broadly means ‘the trustworthy and responsible use and management of data’. Data stewardship services are third-party products and services which support the protection, management and rightful use and sharing of data on behalf of data providers and according to their wishes and instructions.

Where we are now

Get clued up on why data is so valuable and find out more about Jersey’s first-ever Data Trust, LifeCycle.

LifeCycle is the first data trust of its kind and a pilot project for Jersey. It is a Jersey trust, collecting and managing data generated by local cyclists and is administered by professional trustees.

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Why Jersey?

Jersey is a leading international finance centre with a long and successful record in financial stewardship. The associated skills and services in the Island make it well placed to adapt to offering data stewardship services. Specifically, Jersey’s trust and foundation laws could be adapted to the formation of data trusts and data foundations providing legal and governance frameworks to facilitate independent data stewardship and controlled data sharing.

What are we doing?

Digital Jersey has formed a special interest group to explore the opportunities for Jersey to export Data Stewardship Services. We aim to support Jersey companies to innovate and pilot new data stewardship products and services and facilitate the development of a local eco-system to enable this new sector to grow.

This year we are:

  • Expanding the local Special Interest Group
  • Continuing market investigations
  • Co-ordinating a pilot trial of Jersey’s first data trust
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