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Springboard is Jersey’s first crowdfunding platform designed to elevate local business and community causes.


What is

Springboard gives local businesses and charities a platform to raise seed investment through reward-based crowdfunding, a bulletin board to raise equity, and a platform to donate to local causes.

Developed by Digital Jersey and supported by Jersey Business, the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Institute of Directors, Infinite Lightbulb, Envestors, and the Digital Leadership Programme Springboard is Jersey’s first and only crowdfunding platform.

All you need to know about Springboard

What is Rewards Crowdfunding?

Rewards-based crowdfunding means businesses can offer rewards such as discounts on future online purchases or another form of bespoke offer in exchange for a fixed amount of money. It means businesses can raise the money they need now with those rewards delivered to supporters later.

What is Equity Investing?

Equity investment is for those businesses, products and services looking for much larger sums of investment in the order of the tens of thousands and up.

Springboard brings all parties together, to match up professional and small-scale investors with businesses looking for that cash injection in exchange for an equity stake. These pitches and transactions happen offline, but Springboard is where you can showcase your opportunity, and we’ll work to match you with the people we think are primed to learn more about you.

What is Donating?

Here at Springboard, we are firmly of the belief that good breeds good. Charities listed on Springboard have specific projects in need of support. If you are a Jersey taxpayer and your donation is over £50, then charities can reclaim an extra 25% from the tax department. All you need to do is provide your Tax Reference Number which we’ll ask you for straight after you donate.

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Want to fundraise?

If your business or charity needs that financial injection, click Fundraise below to begin your fundraising journey.

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Want to be an investor?

If you’re looking for investment, click below to register interest and we’ll be in touch to help start your journey.

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